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Updating ComboBox values

I have a form with a combobox with Category, Role and Rate.  The user can select multiple rates for a given Category/Role.  My problem is two-fold.  First, I cannot see the rate.  Is there anyway to display the rate?  Second, it looks like I'm only saving the last item selected.


My Update variable is set to ComboBox1.Selected.Rate, I think this is the problem as it is only selecting one rate.


Hello ruth,


If I understand correctly, the first issue is that the Rate values do not show in the ComboBox that is bound to that Table field. I assume your form is bound to a SharePoint list (let me know if this is not the case). If so then ensure that:

1. The SharePoint "Rate" list field is set to accept multiple values. 

2. The ComboBox card from the Powerapps form is of type " Edit MultiSelect" (see the picture below)


That should solve the first issue.


For the second issue, make sure to use the "SelectedItems" property instead of "Selected. The Update property must be set to ComboBox1.SelectedItems (not ComboBox1.SelectedItems.Rate).

Hope this helps.


So, this might be what I'm doing wrong.  The field on SP is a text field because the reference list (Rates list) resides on a different site.  I've created lookups before w text fields but only for single values.  This was my first attempt to try to do a multivalue combobox w a text field as the base, maybe it can't be done.


I did try the combobox.selecteditems.rate but it says its not valid. 

I'm not sure I understand what do you mean by "multivalue combobox w a text field as the base".

I would suggest to create a test app (File/New/Start with your data/SharePoint) from your SharePoint list. That app should pull the correct data in your combobox and also should be able to save selected data back to the list. You can then see the auto created formulas for your data. Let me know if that helped.

The challenge I'm having is that the Sharepoint list I'm accessing is on a different site.  So, the field on the current list is a text field.  I can create a simple lookup but I need a lookup with the ability to select multiple items.  This is whyI am trying to use a combo box.  But maybe this is something that cannot be done.

This definetely can be done. As suggested before, try to use "SelectedItems", not "SelectedItems.Rate". If you need to access the field value, then use "SelectedItems.Value" as following:


The following however shuold work as well:



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