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Updating Fields on an App

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build an interactive tank management app. It simply just showcases a tank farm with the tank details (Tank Number, Product in Tank and whether it is Full or Empty) see attached file Tank1.


What i would like to do is just using this one screen have the ability to update the tank status's (Tank Number, Product in Tank and whether it is Full or Empty) .


Although it only works if I set the form to new, then once the details are all entered in it disappears. I do not want to add a new item but rather update the existing one.  


Also how do i default the product dop box and toggle switch to be linked to that tank number (which is the ID on SharePoint).

Thank you,

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @gman91 ,
Could you share me a bit more about your issue?
Which control do you use to update your tank details? the form control or Gallery control ?
Do you want to change the tank status(Full or Empty) after you select the product from DropDown?

I have made test on my side with SP list(Tankdetail), and two workarounds of gallery and Form are list.


Use Gallery:

You can use gallery to get what you want much conveniently. Add Label, Drop down list and Toggle into the gallery.
Use Update If function to set OnChange property of toggle switch in gallery, so that you can easily show and change the existing Status. Meanwhile your link question is also solved.

Please refer to following formula:

  • Set the TrueText property of the Toggle to “Full”
  • Set the FalseText property of the Toggle to “Empty”
  • set OnChange property of Toggle switch(Status):


Use Form:

The difference with gallery is you need two EditForm and set item to corresponding record. Other settings are similar to gallery(set onchange property). Please refer to the above formula.


Let me know if you don’t come right.


Best Regards,




What my goal is to have the ability to update the following details per tank as per my photo attached in the first post.  I want to be able to do this in one page rather than flicking between screens. But also having it interactive so users have an easy and pleasant experience.


The factor that updates the details to SP has to be the toggle swtich on change. So once changed from empty to full the SP item is updated with the variety, filled status and time stamp of when this occured. Once changed from full to empty, to default the variety column to select one and also update the SP list item (Tank ID).

The app once opened must always reflect to the current status and details of the tank on the SP list.

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