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Uploading Photo to Sharepoint, Returning URL, Adding To/Updating Sharepoint List

Oof. Strap yourself in for this novel of a help request. First things first - I'm a newbie to the world of PowerApps.  Wide-eyed and excited about the prospects but definitely still a little wet behind the ears and still trying to understand terminology and/or language. At the very least...I have a basic understanding of how it all functions - and am adept at coding, just not the specifics of PowerApp's language.


Essentially I'm trying to build an inventory tracker of artwork in my building.  I have a sharepoint list / "Lists in Teams" with info on individual pieces of artwork (columns for Photo, Title, Artist, Date Arrived, Location, Status, etc). PowerApps took the list and automatically built me a shell app that does 80% of what I'd need it to do - Screen 1 - Gallery of Items, Screen 2 - Edit Existing Items/Add new Items.


I'm trying to layer onto this app the ability to take a single photo/upload images in-app and feel like I've falling into the thick of it. The hard part was figuring out how to upload a photo to sharepoint - which (thanks to this article), I've done. The second part is where I'm flummoxed. I think there are a multitude of problems I've run into with this that are all intertwined:

  • Getting the URL of the file - I cannot, for the life of me, get my flow to return a string/url of the file it uploads to sharepoint.  I tried adding a "Respond to Powerapps" action (as detailed in this video), but flow doesn't like adding that to a 'For Each' which the previous method (which works for me) requires; as opposed to the different method from the video (which doesn't work for me). 
    • Since I was creating a filename in-app (date/time:ss.jpg) I tried saving that as a variable with the url to the folder in my sharepoint...which I think might have worked except I....
  • Can't Pass along the Value - I can't figure out how to take the value (say, variable 'imgurl'), pass it into the image in PowerApps, and have have it update that photo column in my SharePoint List.  
  • Logic if Photo already exists - I can't wrap my brain around how to play out the logic if an item already exists. the app that PowerApp automatically built has one screen for adding and editing items - but if a photo already exists I want the option to edit it, not add a new one (Add Picture has that whole greyed out image, etc).  I thought I could say "If IsBlank(SharepointImg), AddPhoto is Visible, AddPhoto is Not Visible" doesn't seem to work that way (and it doesn't help me solve how to let folks change it if there already is one).
  • Can't forget it - The way I have it set-up now, using the article above, it won't forget previously 'uploaded' content. Even after I click the 'checkbox' and my file gets uploaded to sharepoint...when I go to add another item it's right there back and ready to go. I tried clearing and resetting things (Clear(photo), etc) but I think it's part of making this a mess for me.

Wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction. Best practices, best methods, etc. Seems like a lot of articles and information from this are from two years back and things aren't quite the same anymore it seems - which makes this tricky.  I've tossed a few screenshots of the items being modified at this link, and would be happy to toss in there any other shots that would be helpful (or expand upon any follow-up questions). 


Thanks in advance.



Eager but drowning.

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Super User

hi there


based on your image, add the attachment field to your form


Getting the URL of the file:

once added, set the is the attachment control Items property = ThisItem.Attachments
getting the filename: First(thisitem.Attatchment).AbsoluteUri
Can't Pass along the Value
click on the "Attach file" and upload a new file
images loaded.JPG
Logic if Photo already exists 
you will be able to see in the control how many files there are and be able to delete them
Can't forget it

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