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Use all items in a list to filter a gallery

Hello Power Apps community! I really need your help.


I need to filter a gallery using all the distinct values present in a list, allow me to elaborate:


I have a main database with the product, pricing and region information and a secondary database with region and country information, just as follows:

Main database:

Product A100US East Coast
Product A120US West Coast
Product A150US Gulf Coast


Secondary database (region_country referential):

US East CoastUS
US West CoastUS
US Gulf CoastUS


The users must input the country and obtain the products, prices and regions that apply to that country.


Today I am using multiple labels (11 total since there are countries that are a part of 11 regions), what happens is as following:

User inputs: US

Label1 = Last(FirstN(Distinct(Filter(Secondary_Database, Country = CountryInput.Text),Region),1)).Result

Label2 = Last(FirstN(Distinct(Filter(Secondary_Database, Country = CountryInput.Text),Region),2)).Result

Label3 = Last(FirstN(Distinct(Filter(Secondary_Database, Country = CountryInput.Text),Region),3)).Result

And then in the gallery:

Filter(Primary_Database, Region = Label1.Text || Region = Label2.Text || Region = Label3.Text) (goes up to 11)


My concern is that eventually more regions for a specific country will be introduced and I require a solution that doesn't need for me to create more labels and adding more OR statements in order to retrieve all the data.


Therefore, is there a way I can use ALL the items in a list to filter the Gallery?

I need the list to be distinct so something like = Distinct(Filter(Secondary_Database, Country = CountryInput.Text),Region) and then use all of the retrieved items to filter the gallery.


BTW the main database is over 10k lines but the secondary is around 1k.


I appreciate your support!




Super User
Super User

Hey! If you have 1 contry and many reagions you could create another combobox for user to choose the region.

You can filter the 2 dropdwon to only show regions from the cpuntry. If a country only has 1 region, the only one that appears is that. I have that filter in a app of mine, I can show you if u want


If you need additional help please tag me in your reply and please like my reply.
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Best regards,
Gonçalo Nogueira

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Hey Nogueira! 


The issue is that the user is oblivious to the regions, I need the result for the "US" input to be all of the products with their prices for all the regions that have US as part of their country. I can't have the users selecting the regions, as I mentioned before there are some countries that can have up to 11 regions associated. Imaging having the user select all of the regions each time they input a new country!!


Is there a way to have the application automatically select all available items in a combobox?


I appreciate your help!




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