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Using Combobox Multi Select values in Labels and Gallery Filter

Hi There,


I have searched high and low for a direct answer to this question but cannot seem to get a direct response. 

My proposed app is meant to be database which holds the main information for our past projects.

For Scope, Services and Contract Type, they are all Multi-Select choices.


Columns.PNGSharepoint List


My first (small) issue arises when trying to display the data in a text field. 

I am currently using the code below to display the field on a label. 


Concat(Scope.Value,Concatenate(Text(Value),"     "))

It works no worries, but I wonder if there is another (more simple) way around this? ie. When using a Form, the datacard value for scope is simply (below), yet when I try to use this in a label text field it does not work.

Choices('Subsea Database'.Scope)



My second (major) issue is the ability to filter a gallery using the scope column. 

I have no issues filtering when there is only a singular option, but do not seem to be able to make it work when there is multiple selections. The code I am trying to use is as follows.


Filter('Subsea Database', Scope in  ScopeBox.SelectedItems)

**Note: I understand the in function has delegation limitations however this app will only have about 100-200 rows MAX**



Page.PNGResults Page


My ultimate aim is to be able to have search functionality which resembles something below. I understand that my Gallery Items formula will most likely be massive as it will be a collection of the above Filter functions. 


SearchPage.PNGSearch Screen (Button takes you to the results page)



If someone can guide me to what nested filter functions and the correct way to write them for using multi-selected items and correct order for allowing multiple combobox filters that would be greatly appreciated!

If I have missed anything please feel free to let me know, have only been using PowerApps/Sharepoint for 2 weeks.


Kind Regards,


Dane Colman




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Re: Using Combobox Multi Select values in Labels and Gallery Filter

Managed to solve the multiple selection drop down boxes

This is what I was originally doing.

......Scope in  ScopeBox.SelectedItems

This is what was needed to fix it -.-

.... ScopeBox.Selected in Scope


Filter('Subsea Database', ScopeBox.Selected in Scope)

Calls the filter for multiple checked items.


However, I still can't filter for Drop Downs with only one selection. 

I am unsure as to what function is neccessary.

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