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Helper I
Helper I

Using all 3 Modes in the same form(new,edit,view)

Hey Guys, 

Im starting a new thread because my last thread was kinda confusing. 😛


So here is my detailed explanation: 


App Structure:

- Im loading all my CDS data into a local Collection.

- My gallery screen is filled with the local Collection items (but only shows Projekt No, order no and date)

- I got six other screens with forms which has my Local collection as datasource.

-  I have a save Button with a if  condition about connection status

  - connected : patch forms to CDS

  - !connceted: patch forms to offlineDataCollection 

This structure is already working 🙂


The Idea I want to implement

- I have a "+" button for a new item. That means my six forms has the mode "new" and all input fields in my forms are empty.

- I have a ">" button to edit a existing item (selected item from gallery). that means he switches to "edit" mode and fill the input fields in my forms with the data of the selected item.

 - For View mode there is a "View" button. I think its the same algorithm as the edit button has.


So my Question is what do I need to setup in my app ?

I have tried to use this guide as help. But I cant fill the forms :(.

My Edit mode is alaways like the New mode

MyGalleryMyGallery"Edit Mode" Screen1 - form1"Edit Mode" Screen1 - form1



Super User
Super User


From what I understand your form's new and edit modes are showing exactly the same result.  I have a couple of suggestions:


#1 Make sure your gallery and your form have the same datasource in the Datasource property




#2 Change the Item property of your form to this code




#3 Make sure to define what mode the form should open. Change the OnSelect property of your nav buttons to this code.


Add:  NewForm(your_form_name);Navigate(other_screen_name,None);
Edit: EditForm(your_form_name);Navigate(other_screen_name,None);


Please click "Accept as Solution" if my post answered your question so that others may find it more quickly. If you found this post helpful consider giving it a "Thumbs Up."



My Form SettingsMy Form Settingsmy Gallery Settingsmy Gallery SettingsMy ButtonMy Button


This doesnt work either 😕

it works If I use a new Screen with seperate forms  (even with local collection) 



So I really dont know what went wrong :s


If your issue is solved please close the thread.

only 50% working (does not work with toggles

on start Im saving my 2 options from my option set to 2 local variables





This is how im setting up my datacard with toggles



Now how do i read the right values from my toggle datacards in view and edit mode ? 

new mode does work 🙂

Ok somehow my local variables arent readable anymore.  


How can i setup offline option sets for my toggles ? (true or false)

so i can save them into my local collection ?




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