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Using buttons on multiple screens to complete form fields

Hi Power Apps Community!


I am trying to create an app which behaves like a 'wizard' or front end for completing a form (new item in a sharepoint list) using buttons. Where I have mostly been getting stuck is around using variables as I am quite new to this and haven't been able to put what I have read/watched into context for my situation. Where it gets tricky is that most of what I have followed uses different naming conventions without any context so it's easy to get lost when my app doesn't use the same names. I have created a simple table below for this example. 


SharePoint List Name: List1

PowerApp Names:

Screen NameColumn Type 'Name'Choices
Screen1Choice Column 'Question1'1, 2, 3
Screen2Choice Column 'Question2'Red, Green, Blue
Screen3Choice Column 'Question3'Yes, No
Screen4Multiple lines of text 'Text box'(For user to input)
Screen5 Label (Thank you screen)N/A


I would like to:

  • Split the form fields across multiple screens (this part I can do okay). 
  • Keep the actual form fields hidden completely, using buttons on each screen to select the choice for each column.
  • Navigate to the next screen upon each button click until all columns have been completed.
  • Submit the form using a button, adding the details as a new sharepoint list item and navigating to the 'Thank you' screen (Screen5).
  • Reset the app/fields each time a user runs the app (users do not need to be able to save progress, edit or view their previous entries - it is purely a front end).

If someone could help me with understanding how to create and code variables for this situation, and the coding for the OnSelect functions, that would be unreal! 


Thank you!!


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Super User

Hey Anthony,

this sounds like a cool solution which you are trying to do. One of the many ways to do this is as follows:
Make 5 screens (One quick way is to design one and and duplicate it four more times and make adjustments)
On these 5 screens ask each question and add an individual input for each column/field in the form
Then make a 6th screen called FormAdmin
add a component called an Edit Form to the screen called FormAdmin. connect it to the datasource add all the form fields and make its Default mode into FormMode.New.
on this form make the default/defaulselected items (where applicable) for the datcardvalues in to the related input values from the other screens. On screen 5 where we complete the app the final button / icon submits this form and the onsuccess property resets the form and all the inputs on the other screens. it could even navigate to a success screen. 

that is the method i would use to complete what you want. if you need me to go into more details on specific steps please comment explaining which bits and i will reply or alternatively i am around for some quick MS Teams calls or Teamviewer calls if needed. i have spare time this weekend and occasionally next week and this would not take long for me to demo or see what you are doing. Private message if you need a short call or just mention the steps you are stuck on here if you want more detail on how to do a specific bit. e.g. how do i make a screen, how do i change the default value of a datacardvalue for a form field, etc.


If you appreciated my comments/responses please be sure to Like/Kudo them it really does make me smile 🙂 !
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