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Using picklist and taking action on selected reply

I am trying to write a power app where users can rate a drivers performance by selectin either yes or no in response to a rating question.  If the answer is yes I want to add a specific number of points to a number field as well as bump a total amount for that driver/customer/date record.  I used an OnChange formula of  ' UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,DriverInspRpt = "Yes", {DriverInspRptPts:1};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints +1}) '.  The Default is set to No.  When I select Yes, the response shows Yes and a second later it changes back to No.  I want to be able to select yes or no for all question before I click on the submit form.   Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?  I am not getting a syntax error on my formula.

New Member

still trying to figure this out.  I moved my updateif statements to the OnSelect at the top of the editscreen and it changed the problem I was having so the update works but it is not updating just the current record it also updates any previous record in the list.  Here is what I put in the on select:


UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,DriverInspRpt = "Yes", {DriverInspRptPts:1};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + 1});                                                   UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,DriverLog = "Yes",{DriverLogPts:1};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + 1});                                                            UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,PictureInvoice = "Yes",{PicInvoicePts:1};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + 1});                                                           UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,BeforePicture = "Yes",{BeforePicPts:.5};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + .5});                                                       UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,AfterPic = "Yes",{AfterPicPts:.5};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + .5});                                                            UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,PicOfHose = "Yes",{PicOfHosePts:.5};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + .5});                                                           UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,PicMoonProd = "Yes",{PicMoonProdPts:.5};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + .5});                                                             UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,JobCompleteForm = "Yes",{JobCompletePts:1};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + 1});                                                           UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,LastChanceWarr = "Yes",{LastChanceWarrPts:1};{TotalPoints: TotalPoints + 1});                                                         UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,SafetyGear = "Yes",{SafetyGearPts:1};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + 1});                                                              UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,JobPlantedCorrect = "Yes",{JobPlantedCorrectPts:.5};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + .5});                                               UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,WellAroundTree = "Yes",{WellAroundTreePts:.5};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + .5});                                                   UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,CompletedJobClean = "Yes",{CompletedJobCleanPts:1};{TotalPoints:TotalPoints + 1});                                                   UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,HappyCustPic = "Yes",{HappyCustPicPts:1};{TotalExtraPoints:TotalExtraPoints + 1});                                                 UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,SoldWarranty = "Yes", {SoldWarrPts:2};{TotalExtraPoints:TotalExtraPoints + 2});                                                     UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,MoonSign = "Yes",{MoonSignPts:1};{TotalExtraPoints:TotalExtraPoints + 1});                                                         UpdateIf(DriverPerformance,DoorHanger = "Yes",{DoorHangerPts:1};{TotalExtraPoints:TotalExtraPoints + 1});                                                       SubmitForm(EditForm1)

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