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Very basic question to make a page into a real application

I have a very simple SQL database on Azure that I created.   About a half dozen tables to enter/update data, and a few views to intelligently query that data.


It's very easy to create a PowerApps "app" to build a 3 screen (search/detail/edit) app around ONE of the tables.   But, duplicating these pages for the next table is a pain.  And then, I'll have to create some sort of menu page to get to the different parts of the application.


Am I missing something to make this easier, or missing the concept on how to pull this together?   (and, if you have a better choice of a development platform, I'm OK with that too.)    I'm not trying for fancy, just something easy to put a front-end on this data a bit and make it easy to do.   I don't care if it's available mobile or just via the web.   Mobile is just a bonus.


I have the database both locally on SQL, and on SQL on Azure.  Nothing to say that I can't put it somewhere else if that helps too.


Maybe, I just think this should be easier than it is...since it's very easy to do with one table.

Resolver I
Resolver I

I think I basically was doing the same thing.  I suppose you could duplicate the screen and then you'd at least already have the formulas in the places they're supposed to be but you would still have to go through, add the new data source and change the references to the previous data source everywhere.  I'm not sure that saves you much time.  I had a table that accepted new Waste Entries and used reference tables that I included for the drop downs on the Waste Entry / Edit form.


Screenshot 2022-06-15 155613 Main Menu Waste Diversion.png

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