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Visible based on two possible values

Hopefully this is a fairly simple one for someone but I cant get my head round it.


I have a pop up (PopUpThreeQuotes) where I have set its Visible property to: ShowPopUpThreeQuotes

I also have a data card (ThreeQuotes) and set its Visible property to: ShowThreeQuotes


I have built it so when the toggle AnnualOrder is set to true the Pop Up and Data Card will be made visible

    AnnualOrder.Value = UpdateContext({ShowThreeQuotes: false}), 
    UpdateContext({ShowThreeQuotes: true}) & UpdateContext({ShowPopUpThreeQuotes: true})


The pop up has a button whose OnSelect turns the visible property of the pop up to false: UpdateContext({ShowPopUpThreeQuotes:false})


This all works as I would like.


I am trying to add in if a data card (TotalCost) has a value > 999.99 then the same actions happen as above.

Value(TotalCost.Text) > 999.99,


The pop up and data card needs to be visible if either condition is met they are not dependant. But I need to be able to remove the pop up and keep the data card.


Many thanks

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @StewG,


How about this for a method...


As the datacard is entirely dependent on the toggle being true or the value of TotalCost being above 999.99, use this formula for the Visible property of the DataCard:

AnnualOrder.Value Or Value(TotalCost.Text) > 999.99


Then you can control the visibility of the popup with one variable.


Set the OnCheck property of the toggle to:

UpdateContext({ShowPopUpThreeQuotes: true})


Set the OnUncheck property of the toggle to:

UpdateContext({ShowPopUpThreeQuotes: false})


Set the Visible property of the popup to:



And finally the button OnSelect property to:

UpdateContext({ShowPopUpThreeQuotes: false})


Hope that works for you!

Resolver II
Resolver II

Sorry @StewG, there is one piece missing - triggering ShowPopUpThreeQuotes to true when the label has a value > 999.99


Is there some sort of event that you could place this formula on?

If(Value(TotalCost.Text)>999.99, UpdateContext({ShowPopUp: true}))

Perhaps the OnVisible of the screen, or the OnSelect of an item in a gallery?


Frequent Visitor

Hi @hantsjoel 


The formulas for triggering the pop up with the Annual Order toggle work great.

The issue I am still struggling with is getting the pop up to show when the below formula is used.


If(Value(TotalCost.Text)>999.99, UpdateContext({ShowPopUpThreeQuotes: true}))

I have tried placing it in the screens OnVisible and in the OnSelect of other items in the gallery which are mainly dropdowns. I have even tried putting it in the OnSelect of the navigation button on the previous screen, but no luck.

Its a real head scratcher!

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