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Helper II
Helper II

What is the maximum number of flows that one user can create


What is the maximum number of flows that one user can create. 

As per the below link it's 50

As per the below link it's unlimited but run count is limited based on license.


Also Plan 2 allows to run 15,000 runs a month.  What should do if i need more than that in a month. 




@khha In the following link, in the section 'How do I know how much I've used?' it indicates that the runs are counted at pool level. You can see the number of daily runs and the calculations they make at the following link


But is there some documentation where they talk about this pool? In the documentation they talk about the 2000 requests per user per day.


@khha  You're right. I've spoken to official support and they've confirmed that there's no longer a limit on executions. There is a limit of requests per day and user. In fact, depending on the license, it's 2,000 per day


So you mean it is not a big pool any more like before? So a user ( with o365 e3 license) is limited to do 2000 requests per day? All request after 2000 will not run for this user in the same day?


HI RezaDorrani

If my understanding is correct, Flow license is based on run count and the count is common for tenant not user specific. 

Could you please explain in detail about PowerApps license. 

PowerApps comes with three  Office 365, P1 and P3. 

I have 500+users in my organization, But only 10+ developers. Do I need to buy license for 1000 users ? or only developers is enough ?


I have the same question as @azeesdinu . I have some users in my company but just 1 developer. I am using the Microsoft 365 plan. Do I have to buy a plan to each user or just one plan will work well?


@khha Exactly. I opened a power platform support ticket and was told that runs are no longer a restriction and that the pool is no longer used. Currently the "only" limitation is the requests per user per day. The best documentation I have found on this subject is here . Please contact me if you find different information


Hi @albegut , @JoaoN 


Number of flows are no longer a restriction.

Only restriction is number of API calls per day per user account.

Check out -

These service limits apply to both Apps and flows in a 24 hour period.


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Reza Dorrani, MVP


@RezaDorrani is it the api request quota (2000) of the owner of the flow, or is it the api request quota of the user who triggered (for example new item in a list) the flow?


And what is an api request? For example a flow with 3 actions (send email, get sharepoint list items, modify sharepoint list item). Are these 3 api requests?


@RezaDorrani ,

I have a question that I think I know the answer to, but is causing some confusion and affects our situation.

The user daily limit of 2000 API called is cumulative across all licensed users?

I ask this for confirmation of this as our organisation is large (20,000 + licences on E3), but a smaller number of developer and service accounts on other licenses. If a Flow is run off one of these accounts, do the API daily calls refer to the specific account or (as per earlier response) are cumulative across all user allowances?


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