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Where have my Flows gone?

I exported an app from a different environment and set the associated flow to import as new rather than update. I already have a flow I want to use in the new environment.


Now when I try to add a new flow none of them are listed. It says I don't have any created!


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 13.34.26.png



Super User
Super User

I should also add that the flows are in the same environment as the Power App and I am co-owner of the flow, although I can't even see my own ones. When I go to the list flows tab in the app details it lists old deleted ones. I really don't want to recreate the flow as it is long. Also it is important that I can export this app along with the flow to new environments as quickly as possible.


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 14.04.28.png


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Digital ,


Are the associated flows imported successfully?

The issue seems to be the inability to display the Flows in the App. Could you please try to export and Import the App and flows separately?

Try to remove the Flow from app in your first environment, and export the App without any flow, then import into the second environment to see if the flow list show in the app.

Hope this helps.


@v-siky-msft , 


Thank you for your reply. The flows import successfully - I can see them in the app but when I remove and try to add the ones in the existing environment I can't see any.


A bit more background. I want to be able to make changes to my app in one environment then export it without the flow. The environment I'm importing to has the same flow but with different configuration e.g. approver details etc. I thought if during export I set the flow to create as new, rename it then delete after import I could use the one in the existing environment.


Will try your suggestion of removing flows before export. Will I have to also remove any calls to the flow in my formulas?

Hi @Digital ,


These formulas don't matter. If the flow is remove, they are as some invalid function mistake, but won't make any influence.

You can try it on and see if the flow list can be displayed in the app.


I tried exporting the app without any flows. I then re-imported as an update but still none of my flows are displaying. I created a test flow from within PowerApps and that one showed up fine but none of the others. Even If I create a new flow from within Power Automate that doesn't show up.


So the three apps I exported from a different environment don't show any of my flows. Two of those didn't have any flows associated with them. It's almost like it has remembered the old environment settings and is looking elsewhere for the flows.

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