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Why is the Rules Condition box so small?

Hello, just a general question, why is it so small? I ask because it has sort of become an annoyance that as I try to write out bigger expressions with more and more fields involved, the size of the box becomes more and more frustrating.


I've never had to squint so hard at code before, using the arrow keys to scroll up and down through out the expression... is this an acknowledged UX issue with PowerApps? Any plans to improve this feature?


If you're unfamiliar with what I mean, see attached screenshot.

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Super User III


I don't believe (from what I've seen) that the Rules were intended to be complex formulas.  They were intended to be conditions and actions based on other values in your app.


I would suggest to keep it simple in the rules and put your "logic" formulas elsewhere.


For example - create a toggle control (let's say tglMyComplexLogic) and then in the Default property, put your complex logic that will equate to true or false.

Then in in your rule, just put as your condition - tglMyComplexLogic.Value

The rule will meet the condition when the toggle does.


ALSO...bonus!  If you start thinking you don't want to clutter your screen with a toggle (which of course you can hide) - I would suggest to create another screen in your app and put your toggle on that screen. Call the screen AppInfo or something like that.

Why?  because if you really have complex logic, it could be hard to try and hunt it down in your app later on when there is a problem with it.  Having "logic" formulas, conditions, collections, and all sorts of other "my app uses these things" can all be done on another screen where you can easily find them in the future.


Just as suggestion.  Hope it help some.

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Yeah, I get ya... just seems like it's half-way there already, why wouldn't we put multiple pieces of logic into a rule - especially if it's all related to a certain interaction, why wouldn't we segregate much of our logic for the apps through sets of rules (cause it can do that already if you want), feels like a missed opportunity from the platform... would like to see the box size expanded... or allow editing of the Rules through the formula bar, just something besides this tiny box.


Not really clear to me how/where PowerApps expects creators to designate these types of business logic expressions... stick it on the Properties of your controls? Put it in a Rule? OnStart? I can't really say from my use of the platform so far. I've built them for toggles too! Works great, I've also used it to change controls based on user actions, etc.

@jared_simmonsyes, rules are still considered experimental to some degree.


So, from my experience, I find PowerApps to be like a luxury building.  You have lots of rooms (Screens) that are all clean and polished and full of shiny pretty things (controls).  Behind the walls are all the plumbing and electrical components.  You wouldn't want to put a hot water heater in the corner of your luxury room, so you put it behind things.  And, as in most good buildings, you have a mechanical room (I call this the AppInfo screen) where all the critical components are together with lots of access points and valves and gauges and switches and more.  And, usually some info documents or handwritten notes at least.  This way ANYONE that needs to repair something going on (like no hot water in the master suite) will go to the mechanical room and fix the problem there.  


If we build our PowerApps with lots of logic and conditions hanging all over the components on the screens; when something goes wrong, it becomes like having a plumber go in to fix a "no hot water" issue and starting at the master suite and trying to look at every pipe and fixture to figure out where in the world the water heater is...only to find it hidden behind a wall somewhere that no one would have ever thought to look.


I'm all about promoting PowerApps, but I'm also about good practices in building these things.  Seen this too much in the application development world, no need to bring those bad practices into the App building of PowerApps.


But, to each his own. Smiley Wink

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