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Width of screen corrupted [urgent]

I didn't changed a thing, and few of my screen layouts got completely destroyed, due to some update of Power Apps I suppose...

Width of screen disappeared, and the layout was compressed to some line. After rearranging the proper width, the layout is destroyed, as all other elements inside that screen also have width set to nothing.


This happened to multiple (6) of my screens that contain around 50 elements of each.


Please revert this, as I don't have time to deal with downloading package, changing JSON data and patching the package myself as shown here

My appID: 46ae0a46-0394-4f44-b444-7a1793755672





@linford585 @bcampbell13  I received that word too from my ticket that MS has fixed and released the update last weekend. I followed the steps and tried to launch and edit in the older author version (everything looks great!) then correct the code references from App.Width to Max(App.Width, App.MinScreenWidth), save and publish. When closing out of the older authoring version and re-opening in the current version the instanced components in the app still show 0 width despite the referenced component showing the correct width.

I thought about doing what you are doing and just sticking to an older authoring version, but am really hoping for a fully supported recovery without losing any code changes or as you stated future support/enhancements. 

If this cause of this issue really is using app.width in a component I am happy to rewrite the affected components from scratch (only 4 of them are affected) and re-insert them into the app. What I am not willing to do is to go down that road, invest the time in re-creating the components only to find out that there is another issue that creates the problem. I have asked MS point-blank if they can state what is causing the issue and haven't received an answer yet.


In my case, this app was actively being worked and I am able to still work on other features I need to create in a new app in parallel until this problem is resolved to completion.  I say that - but at some point soon (the next week or two) I will need it to be working so I can roll it out for testing.

Just wanted to give an update. I had no luck with remediating my PowerApps code as is in the older version, save and publish, updated version save and publish method suggested by MS. I spent about 13 hours rewriting the affected components and then creating a new PowerApp based upon the previous one. I would say I am about 60% done but being as there was just so much unknown (cause) in the old one I don't know I would have trusted it even if I did get it working with the suggested fix. Good to know I wasn't alone though. Thanks to @linford585 @bcampbell13  and @Pstork1  for commiserating and help.

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I've still been working with support, and still no fix. They've essentially admitted to me that the "fix" they issued doesn't actually fix the issue, it just prevents the issue from happening if you didn't get the issue to begin with... Their most recent request was, again, to just roll back all the way to March, and then move to the newest version, losing weeks of development but skipping over the bad versions... I'm not sure Microsoft understands that this isn't a real solution when working with business critical applications in a production environment, and that they shouldn't be using us as beta testers like this. I can't blame the support people though, it's become apparent that they aren't receiving much information from Microsoft themselves.

We came up with our own solution that should work, and I've let support know what we're doing:

We're going to take our production app and save it out to open in Visual Studio.
Then we're going to take an old version of our app from 3.21032.0 or prior and save it out to open in Visual Studio.
We're going to use Visual Studio to do a delta between the two, and copy our newer code we developed from our "broken" version to our "old" version.
Then we're going to open PowerApps studio in the newest version, and import our "creation", save, and publish as a secondary "test app" with a small test group. If all goes well, we'll then save it over our production app.

@BrianCCampbell - I hope you've managed to fix your issue! If not, maybe our solution can help.
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Some info from Microsoft! There are two bugs here. One is the issue it looks like OP had, which was officially resolved in version 3.21041.29. The issue that @BrianCCampbell , @bcampbell13 , and myself have, which visually looks the same or similar, is actually caused by galleries inside of components. They don't yet have a fix but are working on it, high priority. It can currently be mitigated by removing the items property from galleries inside of components, but obviously that renders them a bit useless... They said that adding the items property back in after shouldn't fix the issue, but it looks like, after your solution Brian, that rebuilding the components from scratch may fix the issue. They are still investigating. It also appears that 3.21024.25 can be moved to the newest version and will work fine (in our case anyway). This is also only a Studio issue, and if you publish an app that looks "broken", it won't actually be broken in production. We're going to keep developing on 3.21033.47 for now as that version as long as we stay in it works, until a fix is released. @Pstork1 - tagging in case any of this may be interesting for you to know.

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