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Workaround to make Power App free by importing data from SQL to Sharepoint

Hello all,


I have an app that use a SQL to fetch some data from SQL and present it in the Power App, then based on this data will be filled some fields and then this will be inserted into the Sharepoint. Meaning that Sharepoint will act as a Database and SQL as a View in Power Apps.


Data comes from: SQL Table fields:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • DNI

Data should be inserted/updated into: Sharepoint List:

  • Name (from SQL)
  • Surname (from SQL)
  • DNI (from SQL)
  • Street (data filled in powerapp)
  • Phone number (data filled in powerapp)
  • Email (data filled in powerapp)


Then we want to avoid using the SQL in Power Apps because this make the app premium. So in order to have this SQL view into Sharepoint we want to Import the data from SQL to Sharepoint in a daily baisis.


The intended workaround is (Power Automate):

  1. Daily data import from SQL to Sharepoint
  2. List this data from Power Apps instead of using SQL making the Power App free


I have some question here:

  • Is good to have the data replicated in SQL and in Sharepoint?
  • Is this a clean approach?


Thanks in advance!

Super User
Super User

Hi @akandis,
Not sure, if there is a special need for using Sharepoint with SQL. Indeed both are databases and I don't foresee any advantage of using two of them. ( Except if you are storing any documents/files ). 

Instead, you can have another table in sql and use it as you are using for SharePoint. 

if you are using a SP list to update data along with attachments (Email/docs etc which Sharepoint lists can do), then Will suggest to use a library instead and get the Link . This you can store it in your SQL and use it.


Hope , I answer your query. 
Please explain your requirement, if you still need some more clarification.

Hey @Abhilash_Swain thanks for your prompt response. I just updated my question with more details based on the scenario. I think there is all the context, but let me know if you want further information.

Sure. you can share your scenarios and lets discuss if there is something I can help 


@Abhilash_Swain you can check the answer, I just updated with more context.

As you mentioned, SQL is a premium connector and you use SharePoint as an alternative to avoid the cost.
There is no harm in it using duplicate records at SQL and Sharepoint. It depends on your project design based on requirements and cost.

Your scenario falls under this example


Please give me a Thumbs up if I answered your question and mark it as a solution to help others.


Abhi (LinkedIn)

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