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XLS Datasource on OneDrive - No Access for other people

Hello all,


I created my first PowerApp that uses Excel as a datasource. The Excel file is located on my (company) OneDrive.

I explicitely shared the Excel file with the people with who I also shared the PowerApp.


Unfortunately when the others try to save an entry, they get an error if it is running in one of the PowerApps app or when they run it though a web browser, they return into an empty screen.


I guess there's a security issue. What can I do about it?


Note :the powerapp uses the feature to upload an image. The images are stored in a subfolder of the folder where the main Excel file is stored. I also shared that folder with the users.



@dansshin Is your excel file located at the root level of your One Drive?  I found that I was having a similar issue until I moved the file to the root level.  

No. It's under the PowerApps/Templates/EmployeePerformanceFeedback foler.


After moving the file did you have to share the file with same people that you share the app with our did sharing of the app automatically provide access to the Excel file? I've tried just about everying from the current location and nothing seems to work. I could run it without any issue but anyone else that I shared with they were not able to find it as they were getting 404 error.


I ended up just changing it to Azure SQL data source and it seems to work but that change broke code to reset all the controls.



A fix was rolled out last week to make power apps sharing work for excel files stored on OneDriveForBusiness. We are currently working on making it work for other storage provider as well (e.g. OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.). To make PowerApps sharing work for excel files stored on OneDrive for Business. Please follow follwing steps


1.) Create a power apps which uses an excel file shared on OneDrive for Business

2.) Share the excel file used by the app with the user you want to share the app.

3.) Share the powerapp


Please note you will need to share the excel file, sharing folder containing excel file wouldnt work. Please let us know if you still see any issue

It's strange that it wouldn't work by sharing the folder since Excel file in the folder shows as shared but I'll try your suggestion with one my test users.


Does the folder still need to be shared as well?


Thank you.

No... No need to share the folder. Just share the excel file.


Sharing excel file is required because of a limitation of OneDrive/OneDrive for Business API

Hi shyamsu


Thanks for the tip.


Can you advise what version of Powerapps studio has this fix?

I am using the default enviroment in Version 2.0.574


Disconnected all sources from my app, and then reconnect them


I did move the tables to two folders below the root \PowerApps\myapp\*.xlsx though


App works correctly on my mobile, other users with permisson to the app and edit to the folder and files get error straight away as they cannot access the data.


Interested to here your results

Hi again shyamsu,


Very sorry, didnt see the info that said you must share from the XL files.


I removed all sharing and then reapplied from the XL files themselves.


All good.


Can you advise what happens with other users uploading photos. 

The excel file has saved the path \ name of the jpg but the file its self does not exist?



Good to know that its working :).


I am afraid that i dont fully understand what you app does. Can you please explain you scenario a bit more?




Thanks again for your help with my issue.


Essentially it is not too different from the site inspection demo app.


User enters some detail and adds a photo from the camera. All data is kept in one XL file.


On the first update back to the xl file, the apps builds the image folder ".\*_images\


What I am finding is that all data writes back to the xl files but the images are being saved in new folders created on each individualks one drive for business folder







Hmm... that's interesting. I would expect images to be save in a single folder on the Owner's OneDriveForBusiness. Let me investigate this on our side and i will reply on this thread once i find something.

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