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Zoom in and out as the mouse hovers it.

Hey Guys,

I'd like to find a way to have items in a Browse Gallery Zoom in or expand when my mouse hovers over it. This way I can keep the overall text size small so that more items fit in and yet is easy to view that one item when your mouse hovers around it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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If only there was OnHover property....


I have played around a bit but could not figure a way.


Here is how to do it with selecting an item in gallery.


First add Flexible Height Gallery.

Add your labels, and make them relitive to each other in Y property, also turn on AutoHeight.




In the Size put forumla similar to this but which applies to your situation:

    Gallery12.Selected.SampleHeading = ThisItem.SampleHeading,

Now when you click on each item in gallery it will have a focus effect:






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Power Apps

As @Anonymous mentioned, there's no OnHover property for controls. Some properties can be changed for hover scenarios (color, border), while others cannot. Consider creating a new feature request in the PowerApps Ideas board for that.


There is one feature in the gallery that is similar to what you want, but probably won't give you the full zoom you want. If you set the Transition property of the gallery to Pop, when you hover an item it will "pop out" of the gallery and appear bigger, but only by a little. Probably not enough for your scenario, but something to look at.

Hi MartynasJurkus,


Looks like I need little bit more information. Here's what I have done so far. I did turn on autoheight for all text controls in my gallery. I then confirmed relative height is setup for each of the controls. It's the size formula where I'm confused. Do I add the formula for both the X and Y of the item? Here's some screenshots. 





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Hi @darogael


Sorry for the confusion. What i mean by Size is the Font Size in the dropdown menu it is called Size you can not find this proerpty on the Properties menu on the right.

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