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app with loadspinner when executing flow

Hello everyone, i built a simple app which purpose is to run a Flow after you click a button. First you need to click the button called "Carga Inicial"


carga inicial.png


After that a Dialog Box appears to verify if you are sure to run the flow and then you need to click "Aceptar" (Accept) button which will trigger the flow and make Dialog Box disappear.


ventana modal.png 

After clicking "Aceptar" button the flow runs and a loadspinner appears





Everything works fine but the idea is after flow stops executing the loadspinner should stop too, however loadspinner stays there undefinitely. The code i use for the "Aceptar" Button is 


OnSelect: UpdateContext({showDialog:false;varLoading:true;carga:CargaInicialFacturaClientes.Run()})



The "varLoading" variable is for my loadspinner image, i tried setting the variable to false after .Run() but i get syntax errors, i tried finding examples but there are not many. How can i make the spinner disappear after the flow executes? I appreciate your help

Resolver II
Resolver II



you should be able to use UpdateContext({varLoading: false}) after the UpdateContext() with the flow Run(). You will need to run it in a separate UpdateContext immediately following as the first one's all run in parallel not sequential.


The following should work.




You mentioned getting an error, what does the error say?

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yeah i tried that one, but it doesn't work, the error underlines this semicolon 


bad code.png

The translation from the error says something like "Unexpected characters. characters from the formula are being used in an unexpected way.  For example, it doesn't expect the character "/" after the number, like in "32/". it expects a space ("32") for it to be simply, the number 32, or even another number (for example, "323"). "

This is the complete message


error descryp.png

I don't know if it has sth to do with the regional settings bcs from what i understand it changes the dynamics when using comas and semicolons

Sorry, I missed your separators, you need commas between properties in the UpdateContext, not semi-colons.

Hope this helps.


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yeah, the thing is my app configuration works with semicolon separators instead of comas and if i put comas instead of semicolons it doesn't work, i found this info in a PDF about it :   


" Before you begin, please note that if your computer has its regional settings set to use the comma ‘,’ for its
decimal separator (like in much of Europe) your formulas will need to use a semicolon ‘;’ instead of a comma in
your formulas. For example:
En-US Filter(Machines, OEMsGallery.Selected.MFR=MFR)
de-DE Filter(Machines; OEMsGallery.Selected.MFR=MFR)"


The issue is the separator that goes after the updateContext variable(the one i marked with the red square in previous example) it doesn't accept the coma nor de semicolon

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