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being pushed out of 2010 workflows, MS recommends power a

I am in a bind.

Our company has 1 IT person, namely myself.

We moved to Microsoft Online and the idea was to utilize that for multi-location staff.

One of our main things is a scheduling calendar with complex rules related to grouping events an assigning crews and stuff like that.


Well, I managed to accomplish this utilizing workflows on a group of custom calendar lists. I am used to IBM, who may no longer support something but in the past I've never had them pull the rug entirely out from under me. 


I now have a critical solution built on a combination of 2010 and 2013 workflows (due to abilities available  in 2010 where not in 2013). They are going to deactivate and therefore break our scheduling system as of 11/1.  I am not sure what I should do as I am sure 2013 workflows will follow the same path.  I see they are pushing to use MS PowerApps, but can I place custom login in those to achieve the same results I have now of linking events and other logic required for this?  I don't know that I have the time with all my other responsibilities to accommodate a learning curve for a new app dev tool.  I'd rather go to something totally re-done and not rely on an MS tool being around for a while but I don't see the time to accommodate that. If there was an easy way to migrate Workflows over to PowerApps I'd give that a try but I haven't seen that there is. I wish there was a way to migrate 2010 workflows to 2013 for the time being, but there isn't.  Am I going to have to think WAY outside the box to try to implement the 2010 wf's in 2013?  Is there a simple, quick way to learn how to accomplish this by creating my own WFs in c# and using those? (we don't use Azure or any online servers it would have  to work with standard SharePoint online).


Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations?


Your comments are much appreciated.

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Super User III


PowerAutomate is far more advanced than the old workflow of SharePoint. They are retiring it because it has a pretty established replacement now (PowerAutomate).

If you are not familiar with it, then yes, you will have some learning crunch or outsourcing to do.  

There is always a lot of help available on this forum and the PowerAutomate forum.  But if you are SharePoint based, it should be fairly straightforward.


I know this doesn't give you a slam dunk solution, but hopefully this lets you know what direction to go.

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