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bulk update records in PowerApps from checkbox selection

I want to update bluk record in sharepoint using powerapp gallery 


I have created gallery and added check box inside gallery and written below formula 

OnCheck property of Gallery >If(IsBlank(LookUp(CheckedItems, 'SID'=ThisItem.'SID')),Collect(CheckedItems,LookUp(CheckedItems, 'SID'=ThisItem.'SID')))
OnUncheck:If(!IsBlank(LookUp(CheckedItems,'SID'=ThisItem.'SID')),Remove(CheckedItems,LookUp(CheckedItems, 'SID'=ThisItem.'SID')))

Now on Button select i want to update status Done for all checked check box item, writting below formula but not working getting error = inavlid arguemnt type



Community Champion
Community Champion



Square brackets are not used to access the record in PowerApps as per your usage CheckedItems[@SID], they are used only sometimes to initialize a collection. Therefore that is not valid usage. In some programming languages this could be the case but PowerApps does not access Table elements by Index using the square brackets. Consider Something like this example:


Suppose a Collection called SomeCollection


You cannot say SomeCollection[1] to access index 2 of SomeCollection.

Instead, use something like Last( FirstN(SomeCollection,2) ) to access the 2nd element of SomeCollection


Also in ForAll the formula is evaluated on each record, so the record does not have to be fetched with array index notation (which again, we do not believe array index notation is currently how PowerApps works).


Try reframing it another way assuming that ForAll's second parameter, the Formula, already is context aware - because the Formula is evaluated in each record of the provided Table according to

Super User II
Super User II

The bold text is a syntax error. You can write {Status:"Done"}, i think it will be enough.



Please be carefull that this approach (with lookup for Sharepoint list  inside a patch in forall loop) might give you a delegation warning. Isn't so ? (a small yellow icon near the button).

I get error here
,'SID'=CheckedItems[@SID]), in equal and correct delegation warning as well if it's not recommended what else can be used?

I don't think you need the qoutes: SID=CheckedItems[@SID])

[@SID] Name isnt valid :the identifer isn't recognized error and delegaton as well , can i change this formula to get expected result



Yes its correct i reframed my formula to below  and it is working as expected



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