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button to submit form on one page suddenly stopped working

Hi All,


Datasource: SharePoint

Forms: I have one sharepoint list that is split into form1, form2, form3 on 3 different screens where i used this to help me achieve this:


I have made an app for my team, where everything was working perfectly.

Last thursday i made one change to some text on a screen, but the datacards suddenly started saying they couldnt read the data source. So i refreshed the data source and the datacards were fine again.

But after this issue was resolved, my submit button on page 3 stopped working. It works perfectly on screens 1 and 2 just does not submit the data at all for form 3?? I have tried everything from making a new form, getting rid of my patch in the onsuccess of the form, refreshing the data before submit and NOTHING.


When i don't refresh the data before submit i get the "conflict resolution etag mismatch" error, when i do refresh before submit it just wont update the third forms data into my list at all until i re-fill it in and click submit AGAIN. I have NO IDEA why this has suddenly occured.


Any help or advice would be really appreciated!

Pictures of formulas below:
Patch on onsuccess of form 3:

patch on onsuccess form3.PNG










Page 2/form 2 submit button example (works fine):

submit page 2 example button.PNG



Page 3/form 3 submit button example (suddenly broken):
submit page 3 submit button.PNG

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @lavaava ,


It seems that you are using the same list as the data source for 3 forms control, but you have Patch/SubmitForm function used for each form. To make the formula work, you will need to make sure that all the required fields in SharePoint list are included for each form control so that each updating process could run successful. 


You mentioned that this app used to work before you made some changes. Can you please share the detailed information about what did you change that might start this issue? 


In addition, please try to restore the app to the previous version to have a test.




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Hi @v-monli-msft ,


I have no required fields in my sharepoint list for this very reason, so that after each form is submitted it saves successfully in "batches". This also allows the user to go back to the form if they don't know some of the answers. This worked perfectly for a good few months.


So the changes i made last week was literally just a change in text of a label control. When i went back in to edit, all my fields had tiny red x's saying the data source was invalid. When i refreshed my list again, the x's go - but now i can't submit! I have no idea how changing text on a label can cause this much issue unless the problem arose from a version upgrade from powerapps? Any ideas?


as another point of reference, this is the error that keeps showing up when i first click submit:

issue on submit.PNG


I am having the same issue. My app was working fine for weeks, yesterday I change the size of a label, purely cosmetic, and today my submit button will not submit. Nothing else has changed on my end, was this maybe due to the recent release? 3.19053.21? because version 3.19052.17 was working, I went back to restoring my old version prior to my changes and it works. The new version doesn't allow me to submit even if I am not changing anything (fields, patch, formulas) I am not touching any of that, it seems to be the new version. The error I receive is the same ETAG  Conflicts exist with changes on the server, please reload. Server Response: ETAG mismatch.

"Conflicts exist with changes on the server, please reload. Server Response: ETAG mismatch. clientRequestId: 0d8c4840-b710-4988-8c0f-031dd00c6ac1 serviceRequestId: f005e49e-10e9-8000-8b1f-3b8df6dff28b"

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