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Helper I


how do i have a lable show the total number of checkboxs ticked


so if 3 out of 5 checkbox values are true the lable equals 3


if 5 checkbox values are true then the label equals 5


Read all my posts and think for yourself, you will manage then to find your solution.

Hint: you replace value

@KroonOfficeSol wrote:
Read all my posts and think for yourself, you will manage then to find your solution.

Hint: you replace value

sorry dont get it - replace value with what ?

@bongobus1 wrote:

@mr-dang wrote:

There's a few ways to do this.


We already have the sum of the checkboxes in Label1.


If we want the color of the text to change to red, you would go to the Color property of Label1 and place a condition:

If(Value(Label1.Text)>=9, Red, Black)

This means, "If the value of Label1 is greater than or equal to 9, then make the text color red, otherwise black."


So the If statement works very similarly to Excel.


yep that worked nicely i used a circle to fill the color based on the label value


now to tweek


if the value is between 0 and 7 - fill green

8 to 13 - yellow

14 - 20 red


how is this acheived ?

If(Value(Label1.Text)>=0 And Value(Label1.Text) <= 7,
    If(Value(Label1.Text) >=8 And Value(Label1.Text) <=13,
        If(Value(Label1.Text)>=14 And Value(Label1.Text) <=20,
Community Champion
Community Champion

You can take @Naireb's solution one step further. In PowerApps, you do not need to nest If statements. Instead you can write each condition in a series:


If(Value(Label1.Text)>=0 And Value(Label1.Text)<= 7,

    Value(Label1.Text)>=8 And Value(Label1.Text)<=13,

    Value(Label1.Text)>=14 And Value(Label1.Text)<=20,


This means, "If the sum is between 0 and 7, make it green. If not, check the next condition and if that's true, make it yellow. Continue to check each condition and if nothing checks out, make it black."


You can have as many conditions and results as you want separated by commas. And then you can end with one 'else' value.

Microsoft Employee

As yes forgot about that. Thanks @mr-dang.

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