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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

combobox allow searching disables the drop down

When I turn on "Allow Searching" on my combobox, I don't have any available values. Turning it off shows all my options in the drop down.


I believe this has something to do with my [Items] having a non-delegable in the formula.


The formula is:




SortByColumns(Filter(Buildings, !IsBlank(SFCP)), "SFCP", Ascending)




The non-delegable part being the !IsBlank part. I don't know how else to write that though. I need to filter the list so that only when there's data in the SFCP column it shows the value in the combobox. 


The really annoying part is that SHOULD be delegable!


Edit: Just to clarify, removing the SortByColumns does not affect anything. I still get a delegation warning on the ! part and it still returns no values when allow searching is enabled.


Accepted Solutions


Just for a test, create a collection from your Filtered dataset and use that as the Items property of the combobox and see if it behaves differently.

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Super User
Super User

Hi @notj 

I tried to reproduce your issue using a nondelegatable filter and it worked for me.  Did you check the fields to make sure they are correct?  I have noticed that if you make a change to the items property of the Combobox, they revert back to a default.Annotation 2020-05-14 075854.jpg

@Drrickryp I'm positive the fields are correct because as soon as I turn off "Allow Searching" the same formula works without issue.


Just for a test, create a collection from your Filtered dataset and use that as the Items property of the combobox and see if it behaves differently.

It does. That works correctly. I did a ClearCollect with my exact formula(including the SortByColumns part) and then in my combobox I set the Items to just the collection name. I enabled searching and both work.


I'm going to call your post a solution, but this definitely seems like a bug.

Glad to help.smiling.gif


Advocate I
Advocate I

@Drrickryp @ @notj Thank you for your post and solution. I have exactly the same issue

I have changed my dropdown Items from a filter to a collection


items was:



        kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Client Type' || kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Reg Client Type' || kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Sectoral Top Up' || kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Legal Form Type' || kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Tax Status Type'



I put this into a Collection when the App opens



ClearCollect(CollectFilteredkycPackage, Sort(Filter(kycPackage, kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Client Type' Or kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Reg Client Type' Or kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Sectoral Top Up' Or kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Legal Form Type' Or kycPackageType = [@kycPackageType].'Tax Status Type'),kycPackageName,Ascending));




Dropdown Items now references the collection and I can tun on the Allow Search function







However the selection is not saving back to the original record. I read elsewhere that the Update of the datacard needs to look someting like this, but unfortunaately I dont think I have the code quite right



LookUp(Choices([@kycPackageXclause].kycPackageXclause_kycPackage), kycPackage =  datacardKycPackage.Selected)



Can you help me now save the selection back to my records, please!

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

@LauraMay The way I use mine is it's just a text column, and then I put the value of the text column to equal the selected value of the combobox.


So let's say I have a list of buildings I want to select from. On my List, I'll add a text field named Building. In my Form I'll add the datacard for that text field. I'll unlock the datacard, and then insert a combobox on top of the text field. The Update property of my datacard stays the same. It's going to update the List Item with whatever is in the text box. I set the Default property of the textbox to be ComboBoxBuildings.Selected.BuildingName. 

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