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connector to Office 365 Bookings

I saw Office 365 Booking as an available connection for powerapps in the tutorial.


I am not able to choose this connection, when will it become available?




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The fact that O365 Bookings doesn't have a connector 2 years later (like Cognitor forms, or Microsoft Forms) is really upsetting and a massive let down by MS.  How can you possibly promote the Power platform when the products INSIDE O365 cannot event connect to its components... 😞

@AlexPaw wrote:


With the release of /beta/Bookings API in we can create our own connectors - could you advise if this is something we should spend our time - that is, will we get this connector in reasonably near time?


I've already started working on one implementation (something trivial, like save customer data to outlook CRM), and it's going smoothly - I'm just thinking whether I should be creating a full-fledged connector?


If anyone else is interested in this connector, I might just publish it open sourced

We're about to embark on the same journey.  Are you creating this connector for MS Flow to connect to Bookings?  If so, I'd definitely be interested.

Did you download the API samples for Graph & Bookings?  I was curious if those could be used as a starting point to build a connector for Flow.

Hey there!

Thanks for bringing this up. I have worked on the connector but gave up though in the midway. Maybe I'll return to it. So far the problem I have come onto is that /bookingAppointment resource does not present notifications and pollable triggers (deltas).
Another caveat: Flow/LogicApps append /trigger to the URL, this needs to be overriden by exporting json file, removing the trigger from url, and reimporting it again.

I dont think with current beta capabilities it's an easy work in the end - although it might be a bit easier if you could use Azure Functions to trigger - so you can preserve trigger state for your booking locally - ex. by tracking "@odata.count" value and selecting last one if it changes. You could actually do that with Logic Apps too if you save the count somewhere. The trick part would be to get the n count of bookings if more than one has been created between trigger polls. Although for low-volume booking calendars it should be OK to poll every 15 minutes, although its definitely far from any best practice.

Maybe someone had a bit more luck? And it's also a shame there is no official Bookings connector yet.
I'll probably have my mind think about the solution for some time on - I don't have myself a business need anymore, but I think it could be a nice community addon since this thread is being picked on once in a while.
Please try your luck, and if you have any problems, maybe we can figure something out.

Hope the above helps 🙂

Satya Nadella is doing a lot of blah blah taling everywhere about the bright future of Azur and digital business while his company, obviously totally not under his control, is throwing half baked beta solutions at the customers. We have been using bookings until today from the beginning and still no connector, no validation for e-mail adresses or phone numbers, nothing. We are looking for alternative solutions now. With these primitive tools from Microsoft, we cannot do serious business.

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Hi can anyone tell me how to use Microsoft Booking Connector with Powerapps, is there any video uploaded for the same

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