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file upload functionality towards a sharepoint document library

I’ve made an app to test file upload functionality towards a sharepoint document library, using a flow to create the file on sharepoint.


It went smooth and worked as expected, I tested two components to select the files, being an ‘attachments’ control, and a MediaButton control (it’s call ‘add picture’ in the GUI).  



pic1.pngattachment controlpic2.pngadd image control


Both buttons call the same flow called SendFileToFlow using the code below which stores the file on sharepoint.



Set(FilePath2, SendFiletoFlow.Run( 
    { file:
        { name: Last(Upload1.Attachments).Name
        , contentBytes:Last(Upload1.Attachments).Value 
    } } 

Set(FilePath1, SendFiletoFlow.Run( 
        { name:Upload.FileName
        , contentBytes:Upload.Media 






I had a nasty surprise when I tried the same code in the production app. It doesn’t work.


Now whenever I copy this working code into a new app, in conjunction with the very same flow, I get this exactly the same error message for each control:


pic4.pngnew app

So now I’m trying to understand why code is right in one app and wrong in the other.


I would assume since the contentBytes ‘type’ in the upload is set by the control it must be the same in every app!


How can I troubleshoot this further?


Thanks for any response.


While browsing the forums I found someone suggesting to add an odata type to the statement.



It doesn't seem to help, but maybe I did not get it correctly.





In both the working and the failing case the control.Attachments.Name and the control.Attachments.Value of the attachments return this:






Re: file upload functionality towards a sharepoint document library

Hi @MichelH,


I'm intrigued by your implementation to get this functionality, and will have to play around with it later!


In the meantime, if you'd like you're welcome to use the attachments component + flow I posted recently:


Feel free to let me know if you run into any issues using it.






Level 8

Re: file upload functionality towards a sharepoint document library

Thank you @ohthreesixfive  Ramiro,


The flow part is based on what I learned on John Liu's site, so all credits for that go to him and the attachments control taken out of the form and used as a generic upload component is what I saw in a recent video from Shane Young, he was uploading to azure, but the idea is the same, so all credits for that go to him.


Great idea to put this upload stuff in a component to (hopefully) assure portability between apps.

I will have a look.




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