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filter a column by todays date

Hi All,


I am having trouble with filtering a column in a sharpoint list by todays date.


My datasouce is: CustomerCareLog 

The column i want to filter a gallery by is: AppointmentDate


I have tried lots of things, but i either get errors saying that the column types dont match or i get a delegation warning.  I would like to achieve this without a delegation warning.


so far i've tried using the Today and IsToday function, they both return the delegation warning


I've tried converting inserting a date picker and setting its default date to today and filtering by that, but i get a red error circle saying the expression 2019-03-16 eq AppointmentDate is not valid


I've tried ensuring the format of the date picker to match my sharepoint list, but that doesnt make a difference


I've tried creating a label with 'Today()' and tried referencing that and i get a warning that the data isnt the same type:

Filter(CustomerCareLog, AppointmentDate=LabelToday.Text)

With that in mid i tried to covert the AppointmentDate column to Text but  this gives me a delegation warning again...

Filter(CustomerCareLog, Text(AppointmentDate,"dd/mm/yyyy")=LabelToday.Text)

Any one got the solution, surely there is an easy way to do this without delegation warnings that i'm simply missing?


Help/Advise appreciated!







Hi @RandyHayes just finished setting this all up and want to thank you again for all your assistance on this! All works a dream now and no delegation and future proofed! Man Happy

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