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Helper I
Helper I

filter gallery with combobox multiple items



I have one gallery control from Sharepoint List, with a searchbox and a combobox : I want to filter my gallery control according to plenty items selected in the combobox as well as Searchbox.


the problem is: when i select multiple Items, the gallery doesn't display accordingly, for example in the attachement file, I have selected 2 departments : Marketing and Proposal, so i shall see data from Marketing and Proposal. I can only see one department despite both are selected.


in second time : doing the search function


Here is the formula that I have put in the items section of the gallery :


Filter('TI Tools Library'
; IsBlank(ComboBox3.Selected.Result) || Titre = ComboBox3.Selected.Result)


please advise.


Best regards, Mansoor88

Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @Mansoor88 ,


You could use the following but I'm not sure if he will complain about delegation:

If(IsBlank(ComboBox3.Selected.Result),Search('TI Tools Library',textinputSearch.Text,Name),Filter(Search('TI Tools Library',textinputSearch.Text,Name),Titre in ComboBox3.SelectedItems.Result))

Note that if I use , you are using ; ( this is language formatting  )

Thanks for the suggestion, but it is not working.



You'll encounter delegation because this is SharePoint, so at least we can code this up as needed. 😆


Filter('TI Tools Library'; Titre In ComboBox3.Selected.Result);

Update with your values as needed:

  • {controlWithTextToSearch} = control of Text you want to search, such as Text Input
  • {sharePointFieldToSearch} = column(s) you want to search against, such as Title

I did what you suggested, but it it doesn't work > stating the issue with Search function having unvalid content.

Super User
Super User

I will strongly recommend, using two comboboxes and a textbox.

On your Gallery:

Filter('IT Tools Library',Titre=(ComboBox3.Selected.Result)
||Titre=(ComboBox3_1.Selected.Result)||ToolSearchBox3_2.Text in Titre)
Find attached as is working

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