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group Sharepoint list data for gallery//GroupBy multiple columns


I didn't find quite the right solution for my problem in the board, so here's my problem:


I'm running an app to place orders, some kind of company internal online-shop.

The app is already online and working quite well, but until now we only offer single items (single rows of sharepoint data). 

Now we're adding clothes to our products in different sizes, so now we have two 'categories' of data:

'general' data like picture/price/item name for each product and 'specific' data like available sizes/amount of items in stock/item number for each size.

My gallery should now display a record for each item, let's say "T-Shirt, 5$, picture" and a dropdown to select a size.


Distinct-function didn't work of course. GroupBy-function brought some first results - with and without clearcollecting it. I usually group by the image-link (cause it's the most tricky one to work with in the gallery) and I can feed the dropdown with the available sizes.

I have problems displaying the 'common' data in the gallery field. I used the LookUp-function, something like 'LookUp(Collection, ThisItem.Imagelink = Imagelink; price)', which isn't the best solution regarding performance (given around 50 items with several LookUps...). I tried to feed the labels with 'ThisItem.GroupedInfos.Price' and 'First(ThisItem.GroupedInfo.Price)', but get an error because it wasn't recognized as Text-Data and couldn't be transformed to text by Text().

I tried a subgallery/nested gallery, which makes the 'specific' data easily available, but it creates a gallery field for each size and a messy design.


So in summary: is there a way to group data from a Sharepoint-list by multiple columns or a better way to display the grouped data for this project? I need to display data that is common for a group of items (1) and different sizes and stocks for each article (1) at the same time.

Working with two lists (article list and detail list) would mess up my backend, since the items in stock a managed by another app. Some GroupBy-function should do the trick, but I need to figure out how.


Thanks for your help!


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