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have users complete their info from an email link

A little background: I work in HR and am Responsible for the employee data and we have hundreds of employees and dozens of relevant field. most these fields still need o be filled in.


I have a List on a SharePoint site and i manage it through Access which isn't really relevant.


So I've created a power app as seen below: 



note the one of the fields is their work email and these are all completed.


What I want to be able to do is click the button in the above picture and have it take the email listed in their data and send an email to them with a link to this app and their record so that they can complete the info.


I'm honestly kind of lost and have no idea how to go about this.


Also note that we have an organizational email.

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To do that with Power Apps, you will need to share the app and the underlying list with every employee. Given the sensitive nature of some of that data, I doubt you want to do that.


Instead, have a look at Microsoft Forms and send these questions to employees as a survey. You can use Power Automate to update your list with the responses automatically. The list would not need to be shared to do this.


Hope that helps,



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Hi @OGassem ,

Assuming you are only showing the employee their own record (I would suggest a screen with no navigation on it), you can deep link to the app, however as @BCLS776 has mentioned, you need to share the underlying data.

As an alternative there are forms other than MS Forms (here is one I use) which accept incoming parameters. so you can send the ID of the item to a hidden field in the form and then use Power Automate to update the correct record automatically.


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May I ask how exactly I could use power automate to update the records automatically?

Ill definitely give deep links a look. thanks

@OGassem ,

You need a form that accepts opening parameters (MS Forms does not) - as I mentioned you send the ID of the item to the form and when the form is submitted use Power Automate with Update Item to write the fields from the form into the List fields they belongs to.

The Deep Liking of course makes this unnecessary as you are writing directly to the list. All that needs to be in the parameters is the ID of the item to be updated.


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Hi @OGassem,


Yes you can use PowerAutomate let me tel you how you can achieve this


Use below function in APP OnStart

Set(varID, Param(“ID”)); EditForm(From name); Navigate (FormName,Fade);


Then in the Form Use Default Item/Values as

First(Filter(ListName, ID = varID))


Then Save Nd Publish the App, Run the app and copy the URL.


Then in PowerAutomate while sending Email use the copied url



That's it











@rampprakash ,

Not sure why you are coming in on threads in progress, but you do not need Power Automate to send the mail.
The Deep Link URL would look something like (if launched from Power Apps)

   "" & YourTargetID

- simply a Parameter of the target ID on the end of the normal URL. To send as a link in an email

      wURL: "" & YourTargetID
      "Please click on <a href='" & wURL & "'>this link</a> to update your details."

The App OnStart would be something like


The Item of your update Form


Normally, I would wait for @OGassem to try some code and them guide through the process.


@WarrenBelz, as you said yes it's INProgress thread that's why I pitched in 🙂


Let me know if any change in the logic which I shared.


Hope my logic is fine except the PowerAutomate vs Send Email.

@rampprakash ,

I think you missed the point, but never mind. I am trying to provide some forum service on a Sunday . . .

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