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how to export data from powerapps to excel(by user)

how to export data from powerapps to excel(by user), I know there is CDM table export but I do not want user to see entire CDM table.

I need a functionality in powerapps that exports current screen set data to excel, pdf, word etc.


In Flow you can get all the records of your CDS entity and then create the email attachment with string functions in Flow using the For Each loop etc.


Can you please give me links or steps to do this workaround try?

I am not sure it will work, here is where I would start, but it will probably not be easy since I don't think there are variables yet in Flow...




one issue is that this kickoff does not work when another user tries to kickoff same workflow.

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I reopened this thread because I would like to know if someone has problem with codification, I see that the file received in csv format has UTF-8 codification, this is a problem in my language (Spanish) because accents and letters such as "ñ" doesn't see well when I open the csv with Excel. I saw that if I change the codification of the csv received to ANSI those characters that I mentioned looks well. Is there a way to create the csv file with ANSI codification instead of UTF-8 so the user can see the document correctly?



I have a  similar problem with you, I have a chinese character in the CSV file


once I double click the file  in email attachment, Excel cannot show a Chinese character correctly


so I have to use notepad to open the CSV file and save it again to solve this problem


but I am looking for a better solution to solve the problem within a flow

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I was able to send it to the email with the .csv file! But I did not understand the way that saves the data in the worksheet.
The spreadsheet I'm sending is going blank. No content at all. How do I save my data in the spreadsheet so I can send it with data?

Explaining better:
I will have a collection to save in the .csv spreadsheet and send it by email.
I already have this collection, but its not like saving in "Relatorio.csv" in SharePoint Documents.



file opened on emailfile opened on email


I am wondering something as @Anonymous  , but just a questiont to you, @Anonymous . When you create your app, do you created it using a data source, or just making it without a pre defined datasource (like excel file)?


Obs: I am making an app that have been so hard to solve it because my Table lines are from the same record, diferent from a regular table that I see here in forum that every line is for a different Item, product, etc, and I have to create a least 6 of this table in the same day... so it have beem a problem to me. I am thinking about how to solve this, and I think that export to excel will be better than use a excel file as data source and update it.

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