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how to export data from powerapps to excel(by user)

how to export data from powerapps to excel(by user), I know there is CDM table export but I do not want user to see entire CDM table.

I need a functionality in powerapps that exports current screen set data to excel, pdf, word etc.


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You can only add flows when you edit apps in PowerApps studio, it is the main difference between the web editor and the studio.

Please see point 6 of the following...

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Community Champion

I agree!  There is no easy way to do that now.

Please add your kudos to this idea...

our decision to create one really big app is based on this functionaliy. if data can not be exported via UI we will have to do based app which we do not want to do. We can not give all users direct access to CDM table for excel export.

There are possible work-arounds, such as sending the data to the user as text of an email (even formatted as an HTML table).

What is your requirement?

We want to build UI that filters or searches 100k records (either powerapps or

Now in I can easily export to excel whats filtered but not in powerapps. If data is only for viewing purpose its of no use unless it can be exported.(banking, accounting many other places).

So user will search and if he finds 5k records based on filter he should be able to export those 5k records to excel or html email(as you said). Please let me know how to export. Will check the workaround(to export 5k filtered records as an example)

I was able to create powerapp with 6k records that filters but no export so data is just view purpsoe and can not be used for any further business use by end users(again can not give direct accounts CDM table access to any user-thats just impossible)

I am not sure formatted html will work because data is more than 5k records and most users will prefer excel or doc or pdf vs large html in their inbox(you can check any app like amazon, any banking site they allow to download csv and not formatted email), but please do suggest the workaround I will see if my seniors agree with it(formatted html)

Here is one idea.

You can use Flow to create files (I have tried and it works), so you could create a csv file of the data.

Flow can create files in DropBox, SharePoint, OneDrive etc.

You can then show or send the file link to the user.

Alternatively the file could be temporarily created somewhere and then sent by email also by Flow.

What I am not sure of is whether Flow can create a file and send it by email directly (i.e. without creating it in one of the datasources)

What do you think?



Can you please elaborate how user can click on powerapps button after filtering 100k records(returns 7k as an example) then flow will create csv and will send it to user?

Please also send me a workaround to create formatted email from powerapps.

Here is what I would try:

1) Create the CSV file in a textbox (to see if it works) by using the Concat function on the filtered records

2) Create a Flow that is triggered by PowerApps and then send an email with the attachment data specified in PowerApps (it seems that it is possible to send data directly).  Please see the screenshot below

3) Add the flow to your app

4) In your app, create a button that triggers the Flow, and supply the necessary parameters

Please let me know if you need further help



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