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how to filter a combobox, which has capital letters, accents and other characters and which make the filter difficult

How about, thank you very much for any information you can give me what happens is that I have a combobox whose data resource is connected to a sharepoint list




For the search field I am filtering the Title column, but as I mentioned, the fields have uppercase, names with accents, so if the user enters the names in lowercase or does not say the accents, the combobox does not filter well, how is it possible to do that the combobox filters correctly so that if the user does not enter these characters the combobox can still filter



And I ask you another question, when I connect the combobox to these sharedpoint lists, how can I make it so that it only brings me a maximum of 10 or 5 fields when it searches for a field. 


Thank you so much for everything


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Ea1409 :

Firstly,are you unable to get the correct result due to case sensitivity?

If so, I suggest you use case-insensitive operators, such as replacing "exactin" with "in".

You could also try the Lower function,for example:

   Lower(TextInput2.Text) exactin Lower(Title)

 Secondly,do you only want to get 5-10 specified columns?

If so,you could try ShowColumns function,for example:

   Lower(TextInput2.Text) exactin Lower(Title)

Best Regards,


@v-bofeng-msft Thank you very much for answering, Thanks to you I was able to solve the case of upper and lower case letters, but is there any function that helps me to make the correct filter for when there are names with accents? , is that if I look for the name and I do not put an accent on it, it does not appear, I would like that if the user does not place these accents in the names, the combobox will also filter the name, I will show you an image of what happens to me (I am currently using Office 365 Users as a data source )

AppEscritorio_Gestion_incidentesV2 - Guardada (no publicada) - Power Apps y 4 páginas más - Trabajo_ Microsoft_ Edge 2021-05-25 10-45-51.gif

thank you very much for everything equally       

Hi @Ea1409 :

Please try:

   Substitute(Substitute(Substitute(Substitute(Substitute(Lower(TextInput2.Text),"á","a"),"é","e"),"í","i"),"ó","o"),"ú","u") in Substitute(Substitute(Substitute(Substitute(Substitute(Lower(Title),"á","a"),"é","e"),"í","i"),"ó","o"),"ú","u")

Best Regards,



Thank you very much for answering, let me tell you, the case of uppercase and lowercase was used for the combobox that is connected to the sharepoint file risk data resource.


The other combobox has office 365 users as data resources, how can I make this formula work that you indicate with this combobox? , is this formula used in the SearchFIelds event or in the Items? , thank you very much for any information

filtro en combobox.PNG

Hi @Ea1409 :

You have lost a ")".




Best Regards,


@v-bofeng-msft  many many thannks Yes, this parenthesis was missing a thousand apologies :(, thank you very much for your solutions, it still does not filter me, this has me a bit frayed 😞 , I put the name without the accent so that it shows it to me but the combobox still does not filter, necessarily You must place the check mark if I want you to filter those surnames but still, thank you very much for trying to help me 



Hi @Ea1409 :

I've made a test and verified that this method is effective:


Do you have any special circumstances that have not been mentioned before?

Best Regards,


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