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iOS 13 public beta numeric keypad missing decimal point

I noticed today that the numeric keypad on iOS 13 or iOS 13.1 public beta 4 is now showing numeric keypad with numbers only, no decimal point key.

There is no option for a decimal point anymore...

Edited 20/09/2019: updated info about iOS 13 since it was officially released. No decimal point on iOS 13 nor on iOS 13.1pb4.

This issue is real and needs to be fixed asap. We’ re making tons of powerapps these days and i don’t want to go back and change the virtual keyboard back to numeric. That’ll be alot of extra work. The work around is not acceptible for us. Mabye go back to infopath?

We will be adding support for a decimal key in iOS 13 shortly. This will also change the iOS 12 numeric layout to be the same. However, the iOS number keypad does not support negative symbols, so if this is important for your app, use VirtualKeyboardMode = Text.


In general, which keys appear in a numeric keyboard layout depends on the device. Especially for Android devices, be sure to find out what keys are available if you need more than the digits 0 to 9.

Thanks for the confirmation @tahoon !!


Any reason why negative symbols are being excluded from this fix ? Aren't they required when entering numeric values ?

Please confirm !


Thanks & Regards,



Apple does not provide a keyboard layout with negative symbols on iPhone. It does on iPad. If you need to enter more than digits and decimal symbol, the most reliable way is to use the full keyboard by setting VirtualKeyboardMode to Text.


PowerApps provides hints about what sort of keyboard would work best. Ultimately, it is the phone manufacturer that determines the level of support and which keys to show.

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I'm not agree,
When i use my bank app, i can see a virtual numeric keyboard with decimal point.

Why isn't not possible with PowerApps?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

MS you could get this done.. doesn’t have to use the built in keyboard, just add an in app one.

should take your devs all of an hour to implement into iOS, not sure about droid etc

@ff1_12 To clarify, my earlier post mentioned that negative symbols are not supported in iOS number keypad. Decimal symbols are supported and will be available in Power Apps soon.


@Delid4ve The linked blog post applies to apps that are based on SwiftUI. Power Apps is based on different technologies (web), which does not provide a way to create in-app keyboards.


It is actually quite complicated to create a custom keyboard. The obvious part about putting a few buttons on the screen is easy. There are other requirements that are not so obvious, like ensuring the keyboard doesn't block the text input, adapting to different languages (different places in the world even use different digits), adapting to different screen sizes (iPad, landscape, portrait), integration with system features (dark mode, text sizing, bold, high contrast, animation, ...), integration with VoiceOver (a screen reader for the visually impaired), touch and audio feedback, and more.


Touch screen keyboards are mostly a platform concern. Apps can give hints about what sort of keyboard would work best, but it is ultimately up to the platform (iOS or Android) to decide the specifics of what to show. Alternative keyboards in App Store and Google Play are also available for users who are not satisfied with the default keyboard.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

“It is actually quite complicated”


But not impossible and surely ‘PowerApps’ in itself is far far far more complex than a complicated custom keyboard....

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