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iPad App Crash

Testing app on iPad but get crashes often. When using the app I randomly get a white screen for a few seconds and then the app closes and takes me back to a list of all my apps. When I reopen the app I was using it is resized and does not fill the whole screen. Have to completely close out of PowerApps and reopen to fix.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Thanks for the feedback.

Please make sure you have updated to the latest version, both the IOS version, and PowerApps version:

IOS: 10.3.3

PowerApps player: 2.0.676

If possible, take a try to uninstall PowerApps and then install it again to check.


If issue still insists, please share your session ID, after reproduce the symptom:

Session ID could be found under:

Account->Session Details




Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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The session ID I have after the issue has been recreated is: 9AC887FD-4D4D-622F-6C28-7F7CBFF0004


I will now try to update software and see if the issue comes back.

@Anonymous wrote:

Testing app on iPad but get crashes often. When using the app I randomly get a white screen for a few seconds and then the app closes and takes me back to a list of all my apps. When I reopen the app I was using it is resized and does not fill the whole screen. Have to completely close out of PowerApps and reopen to fix.


I have this issue on all of my iPad's (but none on the web browser) and have learned to work around some of the limitations of the app itself to reduce crashes.


A few things I've done to help lower the crash amounts:

  • Only load collections when needed, for example, I only load a collection on a screen 1 time when it's initially viewed and then not again until a refresh is clicked.
  • Clear a collection when it's not needed. If a user is navigating out of a section of the app into another I will clear the collection as they leave the page (on back button click for example)
  • Create variables to disable or hide controls until everything is collected and loaded. Most crashes happen because a user tries to scroll through a gallery before it's finished loading, stopping them from being able to scroll until all is loaded resolves this.
  • Use variables to disable other controls on a screen while a patch or update is happening. This stops users from updating something and then immediately trying to navigate around.
  • Use lots of filtering to limit the amount of data in each screen, this is a case by case basis but I find loading too much info into collections and then displaying it will cause the app to crash more frequently.
  • Limit lookups in galleries! This one is huge and caused the iPad to crash like clockwork but by combining 2 collections with addcolumns I was able to completely remove all crashes on one of my screens.

Hopefully some of those help!


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I have updated both iOS and PowerApps to the latest software and had the same issue. The session ID this time was 64ff5772-4d18-95b6-a055-e61637e53029


EDIT - Same again session ID fc0dafe3-0a43-08bf-6c35-9483942f3989





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Hi there!! I have the exact same issue on iOS. When loading the app it starts opening then a white screen and then back to the apps list.

This happens on 2 iphone 7 with the latest iOS and with powerapps version 2.0.680

Further tests have been made on an iPS device woth tje previous version of powerapps (the user hasn't yet updated the app) and the app works flawlessly. Wich means that there are issues with version 2.0.680.

Also, after reading JRaasumaa's post I wonder if my app is too heavy. When saved to a file locally, it produces a file of 1,4MB. In powerapps environment is it too big?
Basically my app is just a bunch of forms that send data to an excel file on one drive (including some signatures through pen input field) and some screens for navigation.

My main doubt/concern is that I divides a single entry on several screens and the submit button gathers the data input on past screens to send it to excel as a single entry. Is it filling too much the memory and may it cause the application to crash?

Wjat can be done to prevent it??

Thank you
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Hi @v-micsh-msft, has there been any updates regarding this issue as I am still getting the same problem.





How can I find out if my app data is getting too "heavy" for IPAD/ IPHONE?

The performance on Android seems much better.



As mentioned on your youtube comments ...I am facing some crashes on iPad and even iPhone 7.


, I tried to modify the app but still getting this crash

(only collecting only rows of data into collection - no photos yet).


So my app is basically contain 20 customers . It works like a checkout cart


I dont have "Forall". only use ClearCollect / Collect/ UpdateIf/ RemoveIf.

_So for each time a customer would like to order they go to a product selection gallery.

Each item is collected into a temp collection called "NewOrder" (new survey about the same logic , also for the product) .

_The user input the quantity and then upon submitting, I update the NewOrder with the new of the User code/name and Collect to my "DoneOrder" (containing the final order).
powerapps order save.PNG

_On the first orders the app seems smooth, but then after saving the new order, when I go to the product gallery, it just kept getting crashes suddenly.

_My product gallery is a nested one, Items I used Groupby ...This never changes - I am not recollecting new data (I do this on the first home screen and after everything into collection, user should never go to this first screen again) nested gallery.PNG




Below are some of the IDs (if you can look into them).




All of a sudden , a blank screen appear with a spinner that lead me back to the first screen
crash ipad.png



Back on this issue, I tested some scenarios, still get the "white screen" and PowerApps just "kicked me back to first screen.

(1) Clear all collection  -> still crashes after a few minutes flipping between screens

(2) I have images in one green -> tried to delete loading of all images => still got crash


I guess it could be a bug with iOS that cannot be solved

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