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learning, unable to make sharepoint list use powerapp form

To learn Sharepoint Online I am making a test application. I created a list, then used PowerApps to create three forms. Eventually I will use Flow so a list item will pass from one person to the next, with each person updating appropriate fields based on how far along the item has gone in the workflow.

I saved and published in PowerApps. When I go back to the list and edit list properties, form settings, and choose "Use a custom form created in PowerApps", it says "You have to publish your form from within PowerApps to make this option work." I see no way to do that or what that means.

After I get the first form working for new list items I will progress to the next step of using the other forms and how to make the correct one appear.

Please help with any part of this.


Thanks @dmcdivitt ,

What happens when you double-click on a list item in SharePoint - what edit form comes out form the right?

@WarrenBelz , I don't have any items entered yet. When I click new, for a new row in the list, it puts up the classic, default form containing all the fields. Implementation of the form I made is blocked with evidence being the text "You have to publish your form from within PowerApps to make this option work." in form settings for the list.

Hi @dmcdivitt ,

I must admit I have never tried to do a form with no data present in the list.

I suggest you might try

  1. Put the Forms Setting back to "Use the default SharePoint form"
  2. Enter one test record ans save
  3. Select the "Modify form in PowerApps option" in the Forms setting as see if it takes you to the form you made
  4. Save and Publish and see what happens from there.


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My issue is apparently resolved. A tech at my agency added a label to the form, saved, and published, then it began working. After that I changed the label, saved, and published and that worked. Before I even tried using the form I deleted previous versions leaving only the published version. Maybe that hammed it up. The tech making a change must have change a state somewhere.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I had this same problem with a little more nuance and a strange, but effective solution.  I originally modified a SharePoint form with JSON, but needed more features, so I created a custom form (power apps).  I also had a List Properties web part running on another page that referenced this list.  Interestingly, the web part was pulling up the original, edited SharePoint form.  The default form is clearly not erased by the Power App and can still be accessed.  My problem was that the web part doesn't give you an address to find this form and I needed to edit it again.  I had added some fields that were not positioned correctly.  In order to edit the default form I had to "turn off" the power app, make my adjustment and then turn the app back on.  Turning the custom form off is easy.  Turning it back on is tricky.  No matter how I went about publishing it, the default form kept opening.  I tried everything you in this thread, but nothing got that form back open even though it was by all counts "Published to Sharepoint" multiple times.  This last message at least gave me some hope that there was a way to get this done.  There is.  You were close.  This is how I got my published custom form to run again: 


1. Go to List Settings and "create a new column".  It doesn't matter what it is or what you call it because you're going to delete it at the end of this.  I don't know why you have to do this, but I have tried every variation without this and they have all failed.  This is oddly the critical step here.  

2. Got to Form Settings and select "Modify form in Power Apps".

3. Change something, anything.  You just need to kick the jukebox to get the option to save and publish.

4.  Save, Publish, and return to sharePoint.  

5. You custom form will work again.  


Perhaps someone else can illuminate me as to what exactly the significance of creating a new column is.  I don't know.  I was just trying things and stumbled upon that hack.  I hope this helps someone else down the line.  

@MichaelSeanGuez I had the very same problem however, I didn't have to create a new column only followed your tip about changing anything within the form in PowerApps and then save did the trick. Thanks pal.

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