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Helper II
Helper II

lookup a metadata termstore based on search term in a text control

i have a customised powerapps list that has a metadata field that users use to tag items in the sharepoint list
the out of the box way of the looking up directly on the dropdown works okay but the users don't find it user firiendly.

is it possible to have a textbox where users can type search terms to lookup the termstore directly without the issue of delegation and then store the results as the item property of a gallery.

So basically the steps  are
user clicks a button.
a popup appears with a textbox for user to search with.
users types search term on textbox, which lookup the termstore and result of lookup is used as items property on gallery.
user select an item in gallery, which is stored in a temporary collection.
user then clicks a button to submit temp collection.
final values are concatenated and used on the form for the metadata field

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

This post does exactly what you want. You can use something like this to filter the gallery based on user input. However, you have to specify which column you want to search on. This formula should be the items property of the gallery. 


Search( termStore, SearchInput.Text, "Name" )


This will filter the termStore to show rows where Name contains part of user input.


@Gottijay1999  Hope this helps!

@ZabiBabar i tried the syntax, but that didn't work. it only searches on the first 20 items. i need the search to search on the whole termstore, which has about 1000 items. i'm thinking it may have something to do with delegation but the search function is delegable



Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Yeah I have no idea why it only works on the first 20 items. I am sorry, bud!

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