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lookup command not displaying the datasource fields

I have a master entry sharepoint list, and some columns which use a lookup to other sharepoint tables.


What I am trying to do is implement a workaround the to the lookup "bug" which doesn't allow me to display a second field associated to each entry, for example:


List Item 1

list description as shown in the lookup list


List Item 2

another description specific to the item.


My idea was to use a label box on my powerapps form to display the 'description' for the 'List Item', because currently, I cant select the description field in the value 2 property of the lookup/drop down control.


The code I am trying to use, when the dropdown list selection changes is:

tbDummy.Text=LookUp('Sub List',FIELD=Dropdown.selected.value,Description)


My dropdown list is the datacardvalue dropdown created by powerapps.


The problem I am having is the the FIELD in my "Sub List" is called Impact, or BusImpact (because I changed it and refreshed to see if it solved the problem) and I CAN'T get it displayed in the list of fields I can enter (you know how powerapps prompts you with the available fields and commands). I can see Description, and the other fields, as available fields.


Consequently I am trying to use "Title" as the FIELD name containing the data I am searching for. This is because my SubList has no title field.. because the only way I could remove it was to rename title to impact!


Is my sharepoint sub list broken... or am I missing something? What am I, or have I, done wrong!!!???

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: lookup command not displaying the datasource fields

Hi adstar22,


Do you want to show the description for the Lookup column on app?


If yes, I am afraid that we are currently not able to get the value for this Description.




Please feel free reply if I misunderstand you.

Best regards,
Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Re: lookup command not displaying the datasource fields

Your not quite correct.


Sub Table:


Impact | Description | Some other fields


Item 1 | Desc item 1 | xxxxxxx

Item 2 | Desc item 1 | xxxxxxx


The "Sub table" above is used as a lookup on my "master table", where the selected "Impact" is the stored value. You will note that "Description" refers specifically to another column in the table, and not a description of column 1. The description values will be specific to the items entered into the table.


In/On my powerapps I can display the impact in the drop down list. But, currently I am unable to display a 2nd Value as value 2 funcitonality isnt working. What I want to achieve is:


Drop down:

Item 1

Desc Item 1

Item 2

Desc Item 2


So, my work around was to display the description entry in a dummy text box. The content of which would be updated on change of the drop down. This will allow users to undertand what they have selected and make a change if nessecary.


The problem is either my lookup syntax.. or my sharepoint "sub table" because the "Impact" field is not available as a column heading in the lookup command, but the Title column no longer exists in my "sub table".

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Re: lookup command not displaying the datasource fields

As an update... I thought it be clever, and extract the sharepoint subtable as a context variable (internal table).

so when the screen is displayed: ClearCollect(cvBusImpacts,'IC Business Impacts')


NOW... I have an internal table with a TITLE column!

cvTable.JPGMy sub list imported into a collection


So, Now my code reads:


OnChange of the dropdown list called dcvBusImpact




tbBusImpact is my dummy text box, and I want to display the Description value which matches the selection made in the drop down.


Still.. I get nothing! but I have eliminated the issue with the sharepoint column names!




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Re: lookup command not displaying the datasource fields

Hi Although I am not using Sharepoint look ups, I have had to try and work round them by doing the following.

As you have done, I created a collection CProgress from the lookup table 

On my main table, I  hold the IDnumber from the collection CProgress as a number in a field Progress.

On the view form I include the field 'Progress' which holds the relevant lookup ID number (datcardvalue33)

I add a textbox which overlays the Progress databox and set its Text property to LookUp(Cprogress,Text(ID)=DataCardValue33.Text,Title) - I thus have the Title text from the lookup table displayed

On the Edit screen I need a dropdown to edit the Field Progress with a drop down.

On the On Visible property of the screen I set a context Variable cprogtype and set its value either a default value for a new record, or Gallery.selected.progress when editing a record. . I set the default for Progress datacard value to  cprogtype as follows <default = Text(cprogtype)>

I create a drop down that overlays Progress datacard as above and  set Items property as Cprogress.Title.

Lastly on the ON Change event of the drop down I reset the context variable cprogtype


It works!

I cannot understand how Powerapps does not have this basic requirement included in its coding





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Re: lookup command not displaying the datasource fields

I have worked out how to make my work around work!


For some reason (probably to do with the lookup field being a "result" and not an entry) which I don't fully understand, the On Change command didn't work in the drop down/lookup field properties.


BUT... the same command DOES work in the label text field:




So, I kept my context variable table, because it worked faster than referring to the external sharepoint table. But now when I select something in the lookup/drop down field, the description from my lookup table is displayed.


This doesn't resolve the actual issue.. that powerapps offers the ability to display multiple values in a lookup/drop down.. but ONLY ID and data type can be selected!



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