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phone number link

I created a power app that gives me a list of people I need to call and why I need to call them.  It lists their phone number.  Does anyone know a way to launch my iphone phone app and dial the number by pressing on the phone number?


Does it matter what format the phone number field (ThisItem.PhoneNumberField) is in? Ours are in standard phone number format (ie: (XXX) XXX-XXXX) and this is not working for me. I already setup the email links this way and those work fine, just not phone numbers for some reason. If so is there a way within the function to scrub non-numeric characters from the phone number?


EDIT: Launch("tel:" & Substitute(ThisItem.PhoneNumberField," ","")) will scrub the space, which iOS does not like, out of the telephone number.

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Helper II

That's good information mbsnetadmin. Thanks
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Worked Perfectly.Thanks!!

Thanks for this discussion. I've 'sort of' been able to use it to good effect.


I've made an app that uses this same approach, and it works fine on an Android phone. My colleague with an iPhone 7 finds that the phone app doesn't launch. He presses the button and nothing happens.


Anyone else find this not working on iPhone?

Hi Davidstone.
I've been pulled away from my PowerApp work lately, so I don't have much to add except that I've used this with the iPhone since it's design and it has worked flawlessly for me. I'm currently on an iPhone 7 with the latest OS and latest version of PowerApps.

Ok, I've found a bug!


If you just do your Launch("Tel:07251123456") then it works on iPhone and Android no problem.


For me I was trying to get the number from SharePoint so that we didn't have to redeploy the app when someone changed numbers. That meant doing a concatenate to bring the number from SharePoint and prefix it with "Tel:", inside the launch command.


Android - no problems. iPhone - nothing happens when you press the button.


I even tried prefixing "Tel:" onto my number in SharePoint and just pointing to that in my Launch command. Again, works on Android but not on iPhone.


In the end I've had to hard code the number, as I can't find a solution that works dynamically for both platforms.

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Is there also a Launch() functions that opens the default web browser?

You can launch the browser to a specific URL with:-



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Any Reason why the Launch("tel:"&Mobile) function would work only on my phone but not on my colleagues. I seems for 3 other people it tries to open URL, but exactly the same button correctly pops up a call menu on my phone. We all have the same type of phone (iphone), so i can't for the live of me see why it works on mine but not on theirs. Any ideas? Capture.PNG

This is the same issue as I encountered. The issue goes away if you use the phone number directly rather than with a variable. The obvious downside is it means hard-coding the number, which may not work if you need to use it dynamically.

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