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powerapp form sometimes won't save to a sharepoint list

I'm having some flaky issues.  Most times the form will save for the user.  But occasionally and it seems when they forget to fill in some of the required fields, when the fix the required fields and click save button, it just hangs and won't save.  Is there something the user can do ?  Something that I need to put in the form?

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Hi @dmclaughlin ,

I assume you are using a SharePoint customized form as I have seen this issue on a couple of other posts.

One solution is to get rid of the required field setting in SharePoint and manage it in the OnSave process before the SubmitForm - something like - you can cascade several if needed.

   Notify("You need to complete FieldName",NotificationType.Error),


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I'm just frustrated that something thats been in production and working, just broke.  I've seen others seeing this too.  Tells me a change has been made to cause this to break.  Honestly I'm rethinking using power apps if I'm going to have to deal with things working and just breaking for no reason.  I've only got 2 in  production but what if I had a dozen break.  Not getting a warm fuzzy feeling using power apps right now. 

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I have the exact same problem, but my form also fails to save if I try to use the workaround of editing OnSave: 

If(IsBlank(DataCardValue10);Notify("Please fill out all required fields";NotificationType.Error);SubmitForm(SharePointForm1))


I can get the Notify-message to trigger, but filling out the required field still breaks the save button. Saving when the required fields are populated before the first save works as before. I really hope this bug is fixed, in the meantime I will have to explain to my client that I advice we disable all required-checks, which is not a conversation I look forward to.

Well my opinion powerapp has bug but what I did was added a button and named it save and put submit form in it.  Believe it or not when the save that comes with the form fails.. this new button I did works. Crazy

Nice! So weird, made a save button with the same submitform as the regular save and it works. I will probably use this as a workaround until this is fixed. Thank you for a quick response!

@Eh2345 and @dmclaughlin ,

This is my standard approach with SP integrated forms if I need to do anything at all to the SPIntegration Onxxxx settings.

Bear in mind the idea of this facility was to give users a nice-looking interface to view, edit and add records whereas some of the mods I have seen really should have some consideration to be made as stand-alone apps.

On that subject, that is what I generally do - also keeps users away from SharePoint when they do not really need to see all of that. You can also use the form from a stand-alone app and paste it directly into the SP item with a few changes to settings, it works straight away.


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I have spent hours with this without any success (even applying the "refresh" condition on the OnSuccess and on the OnSave attributes) until I found a solution.


I realized that, in my case, the issue was that I previously have defined by mistake some mandatory fields as "enforce unique values" (which does not allow you to load two records with the same data) so when I was trying to load a new test form I was loading the same test information on many of them and sharepoint did not allow that.


The problem seems to be that the custom PowerApps form does not have any feedback on errors, so when I pressed "Save" it actually did not say anything even it was finding an error. I was aware of this issue because I switched temporary to the standard SP form and I got the error! So I finally cleaned all the "enforce unique values" and it worked fine!


Hope this helps someone else

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