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powerapps debug

My connection to a data source is returning an unexpected value.  Is there a way to debug why it may not be returning what I expect?  Specifically, I am connecting to Office 365 User Profile and some of the attributes are not returning expected value.

Community Support
Community Support

Re: powerapps debug

Hi @Anonymous,


We could check the Diagnostics under PowerApp studio->Account:


There are session details and the Debug option available under the Diagnostics.

Additionally, we could also take use of some other tools to help troubleshooting:

F12 developing tools (if used PowerApps studio web version),

Or Fiddler web debugger tool.

In addition, regarding the Office 365 User connection, pease check the Offie 365 User Connection articles and see if it would help: Office 365 User connection

You may also share the errors and formula that used, so that we could make some tests for further investigation.


Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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markvogt7 Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: powerapps debug

Greetings all, 

A couple of comments: 

1. I've been working with PowerApps for almost 2 months now, and have yet to see (or even make visible) the "Debug" link shown in your screenshot. No matter what I try, this link NEVER appears - what is everyone else's experience here? 


2. You kind of glossed over the reference to using F12 developer tools like its use was trivial and common knowledge, yet even in my own experience, this is hardly the case. Instead most developers know a tiny handful of tricks to using any browser's F12 developer tools (I'm the same)... but I need help - actual details - understanding which F12 tools, and which F12-related techniques - actually work with PowerApps development. 

Does anyone have any tips, lessons or advice to offer here? 

Which browser? Which F12 tools? Which techniques? What are best best practices? What are do's & don'ts? 


Here's hoping this community really starts to contribute on this vital topic!



-Mark Vogt

mr-dang Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: powerapps debug

Confirmed: I do not see the "Debug" button in Studio nor the web editor.


I always just assumed by F12, they meant the Console available in Chrome and Edge. That screenshot suggests otherwise, though.

Microsoft Employee
Power Apps
Power Apps

Re: powerapps debug

The "Debug" button is only available to Microsofties. It lets us do "special" things 🙂

LarsK Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: powerapps debug

Lovely. 🙂


But then -- how are we Muggles 😉 supposed to troubleshoot errors?


I'm stuck right now trying to figure out why my SQL data connections are suddenly not working anymore (failing with "An unknown error occurred").


Releasing a development tool to the public without some debugging support might be counterproductive.


Help?! I'm willing to scour event logs, log files, anything -- I just need to know where to look!

Power Apps
Power Apps

Re: powerapps debug

Hi, could you send us the session Id after you attempt to use the SQL connection? You should see it when clicking to Session details in the Account tab.




LarsK Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: powerapps debug

Session ID: f855810c-3f7e-3e29-416d-9f89360d7388


I should add that the errors do not occur in the web player or the web studio. But -- I need to edit Flow actions so I have to use the desktop studio.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Re: powerapps debug

Thanks! We are looking into the issue. Have you tried loging out and logging back in Windows Studio?  

LarsK Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: powerapps debug

Oh my goodness! That worked! (Not merely closing & reopening, but actually logging out and back in)


How, I'd love to know. 🙂 Any update you can provide will be most appreciated, as I'm concerned that this will impact ~3,000 users when we roll this out to at the client in the next 2-3 weeks.

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