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Beginner powerapps user here, so I have an app with about 13 pages and each page has about 6-14 forms. App is connected to a Sharepoint site with about 1000 records. Is it considred normal for it to take about 15-20+ minutes just to load up the editor. App runs totally fine after publishing but at this point I can't even edit it cause even when it loads up its still extremely slow, clicking on a button to edit the onSelect function doesn't even trigger the function bar for me to edit in. Deleting a button takes about 5-10 minutes to complete Even tried turning off auto-save and all the experimental features with no help. 



Super User III
Super User III


I'm sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with PowerApps at the moment.  15-20 minutes is definitely not normal.  Its very hard to troubleshoot an app without seeing it.  Maybe you can post a screenshot or two of your PowerApps Studio?


I'd like to ask a couple of questions:

1) When was the last time your App Editor performed well 

2) What did you do between the the last time and App Editor performed well and now?


I noticed you said there were 13 pages and 6-14 forms per page.  That sounds like alot.  I wonder if you are having problems because you are reaching getting close to 500 controls in a single app. 


One idea might be to try making an export of the app.  Then reload the app into PowerApps and delete screens until the problem no longer exist.  It might give you an idea of whether its due to the way you have built your App or if there is some issue with PowerApps.


There is a really good article I suggest you read on how to improve app performance:


was workign fine yesterday with some slowness but i added about a half more of the categories you see in the screenshot so i think it may actually be an issue with too many forms. was jsut hoping that it wouldn't be the case so that i don't have to re-do everything. 



Does that form scroll?  It looks like your screenshot only shows 1/5 of the total form.  At the moment my money would be on too many forms.


If you are reusing the same basic form structure for several departments, you might be able to use only one screen and change how certain controls are behaving based on the department.  I think you can do this but it will definitely require work.



yea its a scrollable form each has about 5-13 or so forms will rethink on how to design this thanks for the help


Hi VIP567,


I'm sorry to hear the performance of PowerApps when editing your app is poor!

@mdevaney has provided some good suggestions (and a link to some great documentation), thanks mdevaney!

In addition, please try to edit your app using Chrome or Edge, if you aren't already. They tend to be our fastest two supported browsers. Internet Explorer is pretty old and can't compete with them. You are probably using Chrome or Edge already, but if you aren't, then this might be an easy way to get an editing performance boost.


One other trick is to split your app into multiple apps, if it makes sense in your case. PowerApps even supports launching other apps using the Launch() command, so in some cases you can have multiple apps and still make it feel a lot like one app.


If it's not too much trouble, consider posting a session id from your app. This will give us at Microsoft more information about what's going on, and might help us to identify issues or possibilities for improving the performance of PowerApps. Instructions can be found here:



- Paul C.
Software Engineer on PowerApps

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