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"Column Does not Exist" Error with Sharepoint

I have read multiple posting about the "Column does not exist" error and have not been able to figure mine out. It accepts some just fine and then does not accept others. 




Sharepoint Columns



Every other column is selected but for some reason "Summary" along with a few others such as "TimeH" and "TimeM" will not be recognized. I have refreshed, restarted, deleted the data source and re-added and nothing seems to work. Please help. 


Also when using the datepicker, what format is the coding? such as .text, .seleted.value, .value, .number?

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To answer your last question "When using the datepicker what property should I reference" the answer is:




Many times when PATCH doesn't work for me I find it is because a mismatch in data types (example: submitting a date when the SP column is Text type).  Can you please let me know the column type of TimeH and TimeM?

@mdevaney,After I changed this option it seemed to recognize all the column fields properly. Not sure if that had anything to do with it.




The new problem I am facing is that one of my dropdown boxes for the minutes of the time submitted box will not accept the .Selected.Value. The hour dropdown worked just find with that code but for some reason the minutes will not accept it. I don't understand.




Yeah, the column display names setting changes how your code should be written.  So its possible you were writing the correct way but needed to turn that setting on.  Its also acceptable to do the without that option on but doesn't really matter so long as the app works.


Where are you putting this code?



I don't enough about your situation yet but it appears i can only reference the minutes dropdown from inside the same DataCard.  You could also try this or this below.  But really I need to know where that code is and what you want to do with it.









Time (Hr) was accepted just fine, Time (Min) is the same format but the selected.value option does not work. 


I don't know what's going on here either...  Sometimes deleting and retyping the portion of the formula helps.  Don't ask me why, but it works sometimes.  I encourage you to try it out.


What happens if you put the .Selected.Value code in a label?  What happens if you try .SelectedText.Value or Value(_.SelectedText.Value) in a label?


Just brainstorming here...


Yea i have had some success with re-typing it but it's not working this time around. I've tried your other suggestions as well. Maybe I'll delete the dropdown box and add the same one and see if it works. I'm frustrated and out of ideas. 

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Have you verified that internal name of the column in SharePoint? To check, go to List Settings and click on the column name. Then on the column settings page look at URL and at the end there should be a parameter called "Field=InternalFieldName". The value of "InternalFieldName" is the internal name of the field.

Thanks a Lot!! You saved me from spending lot of time resolving the issue

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What should I do after that?

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