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"Excel Files containing formula are currently not supported."



After editing the raw excel sheet for my app I now receive this error when I launch the app:


Failed to load Table13_3. The requested operation is invalid. Server response: Table13_3 failed: Excel files containing formula are currently not supported. Please use a file that has no formula. clientRequestId: 40fd0cda-2178-4dca-a938-82382662596f serviceRequestId: 40fd0cda-2178-4dca-a938-82382662596f


I have tried refreshing data, rebuilding the table as raw data only, and relinking all of the tables. I know it is possible to display this data as it previously worked prior to making updates. Does anyone know how to get around this?


Thank you!

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Community Champion

Re: "Excel Files containing formula are currently not supported."

You can move the Data to another table and ensure that there are no calculations in the excel Table. Connect and that should work


The issue is no calculations in the excel Table


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Re: "Excel Files containing formula are currently not supported."


Could you please share more about your scenario, do you have calculated columns within your excel sheet?

Actually, there is no workaround to use excel file containing formula in PowerApps right now.
However, there is already an idea that you can vote for Using Excel files with formulas as a data source

As an alternative workaround, you could convert all required excel formula as a PowerApps formula when you add a new item in PowerApps.

If there does not have calculated columns, please try to go to the left-side menu, click on your Excel sheet, then click the Refresh option. Delete the possible affected Column, like Date, Currency, etc and add it back.

What's more, it can be a "caching" issue, you can try to cache

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