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"Getting your data" Error only occationally

I'm using a standalone PowerApp that is connected to a SharePoint Online list. It uses a gallery to list all the items. Occationally, and only recently, has the PowerApp locked up with a "Getting your data" message. Most of the time the gallery will allow users to click into an item to edit it or create a new item without a problem. Only recently has this error sometimes popped up when trying to access an item in the gallery. The only recent changes have been that the list has grown to about 200 items. Otherwise, I haven't updated the PowerApp in a couple months and the list structure has been unchanged. 


I found one post that suggested getting rid of any commands from the OnVisible property of the forms. I moved the UpdateContext function I have from the form's OnVisible property to the Gallery's OnSelect property. That apparently didn't work as the issue has occured since then.


Has anyone else seen a solution to this issue?

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There was an issue introduced by App update - does the error contain "Infinity" if so you need to edit your app by simply moving something and the save and republish and that should fix it.


If that is not the error then you may now be gettinga delegation message.


What is the syntax of your gallery filters or collection filters?

Thanks for your reply @leyburn19. I tried that but it did not fix it.


I dug in further and found that when i use my save button mulitple times it triggers the issue. I also have a time that does an autosave every 2 minutes (120,000 ms). The user told me that it will happen more often when the edit form screen is just sitting, meaning that the autosave must trigger and fail in some way. 


The save and autosave stay on the edit screen, versus the checkmark which saves and returns to the gallery. The save button and autosave timer both need to save two forms on the edit screen as I have a header and then a scrollable form. I think this is not recommended for some reason so maybe my problem lies the forms saving improperly. 


The code for the onSelect property for the save button and the OnTimerEnd for the autosave timer are the same. Code is: SubmitForm(Form1_1) And SubmitForm(Form2_1)


Maybe there is a better way to submit two forms?

Looks to me you are trying to do save when a record is open and  locked for editing.  Yu can set your forms to be View, then edit and back to view when saved.  This would over come the issue.  This video by Shane Young give good explanations

Thanks @leyburn19 I think I'll try moving the form to View mode before the timer does the autosave. Maybe that is occationally causing a problem. I'd rather have the form open for editing by default as people keep it open on our Production floor to mark their progress. I'll try out this method in a week or so...

I think I know know what your issue is.  Is it possible for two users to be editing teh same form?  It would be much safer if you had the view always in view mode.  You Can have your gallery set to change to edit mode when user clicks and updates data.  Then you have a save button to save and put back to view mode.  If you want auto save then that should also do just that.  I think the timing of your autosave could also be the issue as quite often you may have saved but SP has not released or unlocked the records. Powerapps process do not pause for that to happen.

When you say editing the same form, do you mean editing the same item in the list? If so, I don't believe this is causing the volume of issue I am seeing as it's only two people using it and one typically works in the new item form and the other uses the edit item form. But it is possible they rarely they could both be in the same form.


Since I found that I can pick a very old item they are definately not editing and click the save button once and get the error, I know it's not related to multiple people editing the same item. It seems that the save simply fails sometimes. I think I read that the forms are meant to be closed after the save and not kept open. Maybe there is an issue with that...

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