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"This app isn't working..." Error

Hello all



As of today I have the "This app isn't working. Refresh your browser or try again later." message any time I try to run (view)  my app in browser (Chrome/Edge).  When try to open the app in Studio on my laptop I get the message below.




The problem is with view only, I still can open for editing, edit, save and publish.



Any help will be appreciated. Thx in advance!








You can save it to your computer, what will generate an .msapp file. Then that could be sent by private message.

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ok, however, now it is rather a question of disclosure.. it is a forum, not service in line with agreement, so I'm need to confirm it..


is there a more mmm.. orthodox way to share the app with you? e.g. "if your company is Microsoft's client with baught packeges a, b, c then here is the support contact"


Thx and sorry for not making things easier 🙂

Regular Visitor



I epxerienced the same issue. But i seem to solve it by deleting the older versions. I had 99 versions of the app and when I deleted some of the old versions of the app, it started workign again. 

Any updates for this issue?

I'm experiencing the same issue with powerapps in my E5 365 - SharePoint

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the update is the following:


Microsoft representative contacted me and sent him my app to check, but the it was so long that  I actually switched to the older version and rebuilt things from the beginning to meet deadlines 🙂


No answer from Microsoft till today 🙂



This happened to my customers. I learned that once I share the app with them and check the option to send them an e-mail in the PowerApps interface, they in fact receive an e-mail with a button that they must click in order to register. Once registered they can access the app. However, I've also seen it happen where even after that, a customer gets this error. The situation in that case was that the network administrator had created all users with two different e-mail addresses (one long form, the other short form). It may have been one e-mail address and an alias. In any case, I had to add both e-mails as users that can use the app on the PowerApps Settings screen available when you click the ellipsis on the app in the Apps tab at Afterward, they were able to visit the app without getting this error any longer.

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