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Impactful Individual

"To use all features in this app, update it to the most recent version" Popup

Please be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank you for your consideration.

Recently, I am getting a white (fg)/ cyan (bg) pop up saying "To use all features in this app, update it to the most recent version."
This is completely useless, irratating, and confusing.
And it seems to make no sense at all.
This dialog pops up for PowerApps which only have one version, which is obviously the published one.
This dialog also pops up for PowerApps which have the latest version published.

My PowerApps version on the phone (3.19034.10) at the time of writing and testing (2019-04-04, 16:11 Berlin time) seems to be most recent one as well.

My questions:

  1. How do I get rid of this update dialog?
    Even in cases where I don't have the most recent version for whatever reason, I might not want to have users see this.
  2. Why is this dialog/popup showing up at all in cases of already using the most recent versions?

Check your app store and make sure you update your actual powerapp application. The latest version did fix my issue. 

Never mind, I download the new version of powerapp and it works!


Thank you so much again for all you help.

Thank you,

It worked.

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Multiple of our users are currently experiencing this (2019-04-10 @ 19:00 EDT).

Confirmed that users have latest PA app version as available in the Apple App store (i.e. 3.19041.12) and that our app is the latest, published version (which is one in the same as the published version is the highest version # of the app).


Tried clearing the PA app's cache but still getting the method.


The affected app was published 2019-04-09 and shows a PA version of 3.19034.12


I'm tempted to edit the app and save/publish a new version to see if that forces our app to the same version as the PA (mobile) app.  Gonna hold off unless somebody says that is a required step to fix this irritation.


Any one?

It's a bug, they already said they are working on a new build to push through the app store. Currently there is no fix. 

Thanks.  Sorry, I guess I got confused by the Monday comments (Apr. 8th) from you, Mass, and farsami seeming to indicate the last update had fixed it.


We'll wait and see if the next release does the trick.

Fingers crossed.

It did ;).

But then they released another version next day that overwrote the fix. Another is coming that includes fix we just have to wait.

Yes, thank you for explaining the situation.  Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Yes, after installing the new version it was solved but I had to reset my IPad and install the PowerApps again and the bug presists.


The fix has been rolled out for Android and should be available for iOS this weekend.  Thank you again for your patience with this.

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