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record user and date sent on sending email

I have a list of people in a gallery and I want to email them an invitation.  On sending the email I want the field "Status" to read "asking" another field to show date and time email sent and who sent it.  If possible a link that the recipient would click to accept or decline the invitationI would change the status label from Asking to Yes or No.  


I don't know where to begin but I do have an email that works from a button in gallery.


Look forward to some direction with thanks.

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

few questions:


1. Is this based on an SP list

2. Are you using PowerAutomatefor the email?


There is an send email with options Office365Outlook.SendMailWithOptions() choice but I am not sure how that works.


If I do this I use PowerAutomate to send an email with options which is pretty easy to create. depends on how the data is retrieved.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @StuCundy 


Can you please be more specific about the "Status" and "asking" fields? Also, do you have a template of how you want the email to look like? Are you using Power Automate to send the email or are you sending it directly from the application?


Best Regards

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Hi @leyburn19 

Yes it is a SP list.  It is a list called HostSearch My Email was set up using the following method.


Office365Outlook.SendEmail(LookUp(HOSTFAMILIESTest,ID=ThisItem.HostID,HostEmail),"Test from Gallery ID: "&ID,"Test Message")


 I can set something up with PowerSAutomate if that's the way to go.

Hi @chsanche 

So at the moment I just have a choice field for the Status [Asking],[Yes],[No] and manual select.  Email just from application like I replied to @leyburn19 .


You can this in PowerAutmate using teh PowerApps Trigger.


  1. PowerApps Trigger
  2. Get Items (SP list) Filter: ID eq 'Ask in powerapps'
  3. Send an email with Options
    1. If email in the SP list use it.  If not use another Ask in PowerApps argument
    2.  Set Options (something like Will Attend,Must Appologise  )
  4.  After reply receive - Ad a condition action
    1.  Option = Will Attend
      1. Action: Send an email to yourself saying accepted
      2. Action: Update Item in SP list ID= Get Items ID
        1.  Update the user sent field with user name (use Ask in PowerApps)
        2.  Update the date sent field with user name (use Ask in PowerApps)
        3. Update the ack field is there is one


Hi @leyburn19 


Thank you for this explanation.  I have only made one automate before so just got a bit stuck.

I managed to get to stage 4...


From here where do I go?  Maybe there is some videos I can watch?

Next step in the Apply to each add a condition action.   You have given yourself 3 Options so I would  put the main option in teh condition.  EG: Selected Option Contains Yes would like to host this group


No when user clicks it will travel down teh true side and the other option will go via the false.  On the false side you can do another condition based on those answer if you like.


Here is one of mine to look at



Hi @leyburn19 
I have made some progress.  I made one condition which did not report any errors but when testing it asks me for Getitems_LimitEntriestoFolder.   If I enter the name of the SP list i want the flow to run and enter an ID of the test item it starts the test.  I do receive an email and I have the options appear in the email.  If I click YES I get another email asking the same thing and the test status in flow is still running.


I know I need to make more conditions for the other 2 options but do you know any reason for the repeating email?

If you selected a field from the get items list, then it is likely it is put your email in a for each loop. This will be the reason that when you approve or whatever the action is the email will fire again if there is more than one record in the get items list.

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