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saving microphone audio


I wondered if there is any way to write out the audio from the microphone input. Some chap asked on the "Learn" page ( ) corresponding to that control, but recieved no response. I am hard pressed to think of an instance where I would want to record audio & only use it in the app that did the recording. Is there something I am missing? Can we just save it anywhere, like a text record? I'm thinking "no".


There is documentation on how to get the audio into the PowerApp, but nothing to get the audio back out. Are we meant to run it all through Cortana before we can move the data elsewhere? If so, why not just have a STT input instead? I guess I could go old-school & dub it out if my headphone jack...



—D of A.V.L.ien


I've setup my flow as described and It's sending audio emails successfully, however, the format sent is in the generic file (.) format and not a recognized audio format.  Any suggestions? 

You can try to name the audio file as AudioFileName.mp4

it won't work. Despite the documentation the audio output file format is not known.

formula won't work.

the file format looks like unknown.

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Memorable Member

Hello Darius,

Did you try to add .mp4 at the end of the file name? 
And it's not working? Strange. It works for me

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Memorable Member

Had some fun playing with this tonight and was successful using Azure Blob Storage and following along with Evan Chaki's blog post here.

The gist:

- Create an Azure Blob Container

- Add the Azure Blob Storage data source to your powerapp

- OnStop of your recorder Control:

// First collection to show the raw appres url from
        ID: CountRows(colLocalSounds) + 1,
        sounds: Microphone1.Audio

// Second collection to visualize the blob metadata once saved
   AzureBlobStorage.CreateFile("NAME_OF_YOUR_BLOB_CONTAINER","test_audio" & Text(Now(),LongDateTime24) & ".wav", Microphone1.Audio)

// Third collection to get the actual audio

- You can pare these down as you see fit. Good for visualizations at first.

- In Azure Portal, you can quickly "Generate SAS and URL" to play the audio in the browser

Good luck!

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Impactful Individual

This topic has been discussed long time.
Today, I found simple&low-coding approach for this topic:)
Using JSON function and Flow.
For a detail pls check out my blog post.

Thank you,
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This kind of approach works on PCs. The problem is that probably no one on this planet could make it work on mobile devices.

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