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Resolver II
Resolver II

set dropdown to empty (allow empty selection is set to true) when the items are [true,false]

I have a dropdown containing true and false and I want to reset the value to blank.

The items are boolean values.

Items: [true,false]
Default: defaultPaxOnBoard

Allow empty selection is set to true.

On the Home screen before navigating to the page with the dropdown I thought it would be as simple as this...




None, of these work. The items is a manually typed value and not a SP List.




Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

try this

items =[' ', true,false]

DefaultSelectedItem = ' '

Sort of. That does appear to fix the issue with 1 of my 3 dropdowns defaulting those but just with the text items.
Items: ["","Yes","No"]

Both the defaulting works and my filtering using the dropdown values in this object.

My issue remains with the 2 dropdowns that contain currently a true/false

Items: ['',true,false] - it barks at me for that...


So I tried ["",true,false] and it accepted it in the dropdown.


That works with the setting of the default dropdown value BUT now my previous filter on the gallery doesn't work and I'm not sure how to fix it...

The filter "extract" here...


reportingSAS is a boolean...
DdReportingSAS is now (I believe) treated as Text because of my adding the "" into the items declaration so then it doesn't matter whether I change it to blank, false or true it will never equal the reportingSAS value as that's a boolean true/false whereas the dropdown (I think) is being converted to a text string now and no rows appear.

OK, this is bizarre...

In the 2 dropdowns that were ["",true,false]

I changed those back to boolean [true,false] but I still have the allow empty values.

The defaulting seems to be sporadically working now even though I didn't change my set values.

(I did erase the filter statement and did it from scratch again)

I know PA can be finicky.


I then changed the text dropdown back to items: ["Yes","No"] and all the filtering seems to be working again.

But the defaulting of the dropdowns is hit and miss. I need to better isolate this to get everyone's help as it seems like it depends what the previous value was as to whether the defaulting is working... 

Sorry...for not being clearer.... 

Set(defaultComplianceStatus,""); /* this always works for setting the default the items are ["Approved","Approved (Blanket)", "Not Started","Pending","Rejected"] */
Set(defaultReportingRequired,""); /* this seems to work the items are ["No","Yes"] */
Set(defaultReportingRequiredSAS,false);  /* this seems to work the items are ["No","Yes"] */
Set(defaultPaxOnBoard,true); /* this doesn't seem to work for defaulting [true,false] */

I even show a label for defaultPaxOnBoard so I know it's set to true...

But the dropdown won't go to the correct item as the default


This really doesn't make any sense 








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