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subtract value on concatenated value

I've converted date and time picker value into text as break time is a choice/list and nothing seemed to be working when I left them as values. So now i've been able to get the values for From and To showing correctly but when i add the breaktime it's disregarding the From and To time and leaving the breaktime as a minus.


Concatenate(Label7.Text,":",Label8.Text) - Value(Label5_1.Text)

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Could you explain a little more on what exactly you're trying to do? It looks like you're trying to subtract some value from a time value that you're building with Concatenate(). Is that correct?

Hi @Anonymous,  Yes that is what i'm trying to do

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You can use TimeValue() like this


Then add the subtraction like this


TimeValue(Concatenate(Label17.Text,":",Text(Value(Label8.Text) - Value(Label5_1.Text))), "en-US")



TimeValue(Concatenate("10",":",Text(Value("30") - Value("15"))), "en-US")

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Thanks @Anonymous  but I'm getting the following error


The function 'Value' has some invalid arguments


within the datacardvalue I've added this formula

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Did you copy the formula exactly or modify it? I'm not getting any errors on my test.

@Anonymous  copied the formula as it is and getting the same error message. Also modified it after getting the error from the copy and paste.

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Could you send a screenshot of the error with as much detail as possible?



Thought that it might be best if I show you whats going on that could help solve the matter.


The date and times are the work time from and to. Under that in yellow is the total time (309) - DateDiff(DateTimeValue(Label2.Text),DateTimeValue(Label4.Text),Minutes) The second yellow text is the minute value (9) - Mod(Label5.Text,60)

The blue text (5 - Label7) is the total hours - RoundDown(Sum(Label5.Text / 60),0) //& Mod(Label5.Text,60)

The second blue is the Total time - Concatenate(Label7.Text,":",Label8.Text)  {This is not used, this is only there so  that I can check that the calculation is correct, once I'm happy I'll remove it}

The red text is the selected value from the list (28) - Value(DataCardValue8_1.Selected.Value)



Then the white box is the formula you gave me - TimeValue(Concatenate(Label17.Text,":",Text(Value(Label8.Text) - Text(Value(Label10.Text))), "en-US") with the following error.


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Sorry for the delay in responding. I can't seem to find any errors in your formula. Have you double checked that the labels you're referencing are the hour and minute labels? Everything on my end is working still. Send a screenshot of the formula bar with the error and share as much detail about the error as you can.

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